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Defending Big D's Holiday Facelift

This morning, Defending Big D underwent a bit of a visual overhaul, as we work to streamline the manner in which we present our site and the vast amount of information at our disposal. It had become apparent to me that our front page presentation was cluttered and just wasn't advantageous for navigating our site for all of our readers. Additionally, there was more that I wanted to do secondary pages (more on that below) and we needed to come up with a better way of organization.

Thanks to RyanM, as always, for his design artistry in putting together these graphics for the buttons.

On the left sidebar, you will now find a central location for all of our information here on Defending Big D. Each button will take you to the corresponding page.

Meet the Writers - In depth bios on (most) of our writers here at Defending Big D, as well as contact information.

Organizational Depth Chart - Exactly as it sounds. From the NHL all the way to junior hockey prospects, every player in the organization is here.

Defending Big D LIVE - This is our official page for our weekly podcast and has all of the information you need to listen to our show.

Community Guidelines, FanPost & FanShot tips and the DBD User Guide - Our community rules and a great how-to on how to use all of our great feature here at Defending Big D.

Dallas Stars Tweets - This page has a constantly updated stream of all major Dallas Stars writers and bloggers. (under construction)

Dallas Stars Salary Cap Tracker - When finished, this will be an unofficial salary cap tracker for the Dallas Stars organization. (under construction)

I've also added a much simpler button for our Twitter feed and a link to our Facebook page. Hopefully this new look will help clean up the site a bit more and provide a better method for our readers to access the information available on our site. If you have any suggestions for more features and pages, please let us know.

Once more, I also want to point out our FanPosts and FanShots. Defending Big D is a community, not just a blog, and we want your involvement as well. FanPosts are a great way of having your opinion heard and starting conversations and debates not found in the main threads. For a great example for how FanPosts are utilized, visit Lone Star Ball.