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Dallas Stars Collecting Points...But Also Giving Them Away

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The Stars just finished off the California portion of their season long five game road trip playing beyond regulation in each game and, thus, collecting points in all three games. But because both teams are guaranteed points in games than end in OT or the shootout (unless you do something stupid like pull the goaltender and allow an empty netter), that also meant they allowed the Ducks, Sharks, and Kings to grab points from all three games.

So while they were able to grab four points out of a possible six points, they allowed their opposition in the Pacific Division to grab five.

And that got me to thinking today about how many points the Stars have surrendered to all teams in the West. Especially, those around them in the standings.

After the jump, see what I found:

Rank Team Stars Pts Opp Pts
1 LAK 2 6
2 COL 0 0
3 CHI 2 0
4 SJ 4 2
5 CGY 3 2
6 PHX 0 4
7 NSH 3 4
8 DAL -- --
9 DET 2 2
10 VAN 3 2
11 EDM 2 4
12 CLB 0 2
13 MIN 0 2
14 STL 3 2
15 ANA 5 2
Total 29 34


The Total says it all.

And the picture doesn't get any better when you look at the head-to-head point totals against Nashville, Edmonton, Minnesota, Columbus, and Phoenix.

It's also a testament to just how consistently inconsistent this team has been all year. Neither fish nor fowl as Bob Sturm mentioned during our recent 'campfire' chat last week. Instead, they're stuck in neutral.