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Marty Turco Trade Rumors Heating Up?

Mark Stepneski has a couple of tidbits from Philadelphia and Ottawa news sources, both stating that the Flyers and Senators are perhaps interested in inquiring about the availability of Marty Turco via trade.

What's interesting is that both stories essentially say that a trade really wouldn't make much sense for the Stars.

The Stars are looking for a top defenseman and again, the Flyers aren't going to part with Kimmo Timonen or Chris Pronger, so this doesn't make a lot of sense from the outside. What the Flyers need most right now is scoring help.

Expect this to happen about once a week or so as the trade deadline nears. Turco is in the last year of his contract, and the Stars could be looking to get value for him before losing him via free agency, and teams are constantly going to be checking in on his availability. Just don't expect a trade to happen while the Stars are still in the playoff hunt.

[Update by Brandon Worley] Here's the scoop on any trade that might happen regarding Marty Turco: Even if the Dallas Stars do tank in the next few months, and even if they decide to see what they might get for Turco on the trade market, it will take one hell of a return for them to ship him off. Some use Turco's large salary as a deterrent for any potential trade, but the reality is that he will have just $1.2 million left on his contract after the trade deadline. A lofty price for just a few months of work for sure, but not completely out of the question for any team that has cap space and in desperate need for a goaltender.

Make no mistake about it; despite Turco becoming a potential free agent over the summer, the Stars have all of the bargaining chips in any trade scenario. It is rare indeed that a goaltender of Turco's talent and track record are available for a team that is in desperate need of a goalie and still in the playoff hunt.

The Stars won't be looking to just get a veteran, aging defenseman or another potential free agent forward either; a trade for Turco would have to include players or prospects that would benefit the Stars after the 2009-2010 season. This makes a perfect storm leading up the trade deadline and while it's possible something happens, the chances of such a trade happening are very unlikely.