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Dallas Stars Evening Update: James Neal Questionable

A couple of quick notes from today:

James Neal is questionable for tomorrow night's game against Vancouver after pulling a groin last night:

He pulled a groin on Wednesday and did not practice today. We'll see how it responds, but he was hanging around today and looked pretty good.

If Neal is out, we could see Toby Petersen come into the lineup, although I'm not sure it would be on that line. I woudn't mind seeing Steve Ott or Brian Sutherby up there, but then you get into the whole debate about whether you want to change two lines when you only have to change one.

The day after the first game of the season in which the entire team actually played together, we're faced with yet another nagging injury. While Neal is going to give it a go tomorrow and see if he can play, I'd rather he just wait until it's fully healed. The last thing this team needs is to have Neal in the "is he playing or not?" game every night.

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Logo_dallas_stars_medium Andrew's Dallas Stars Page has the audio from Brenden Morrow's show on The Ticket today.

Logo_dallas_stars_mediumI think Brad and Razor shared a cab on the way home last night from the game. They both have very similar takes on last night's game.

Logo_dallas_stars_mediumNo podcast this week. I apologize for the late notice, but the flu has swept Defending Big D headquarters.

Logo_dallas_stars_mediumFinally, Defending Big D will be presenting an exclusive interview with Scott Glennie sometime this weekend. If you have any specific questions you'd like us to ask, let us know in the comments.