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SB Nation News Update

Just wanted to make a quick announcement regarding Defending Big D and SB Nation. As some of you may know, I've been working the past few months as an editor for, and working to build our hockey coverage through partnerships with, Yahoo! Sports, and CBS Sports.

This weekend I also officially took over as the NHL League Manager for SB Nation, the post previously held by James Mirtle of From The Rink. James is taking on a bigger role at The Globe with their coverage of the Maple Leafs, but he'll still be providing excellent analysis on his blog. I'm flattered that I have been asked to take his place and will do my best to continue to build the hockey coverage here at SB Nation, something that is much easier after all of the work James has already done.

This won't change any of our coverage here at Defending Big D however. I'll still be cranking out my thoughts and analysis, Brad will still be giving us the news, Brandon B. will give us stats and Art will be back to provide us with his great breakdowns of the Stars as soon as he has recovered from the flu. I hope that everyone has enjoyed our coverage of the Dallas Stars so far this season, and we look at continuing to build our site and expand upon what we've done so far.

It's an exciting time for us here at SB Nation, as our partnership continues to grow with and AOL Fanhouse. Defending Big D also has bigger and better things on the horizon; stay tuned because we're a long way from reaching the end of our neverending journey.