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Dallas Stars Home Games are Best Deal in NHL

Team Marketing Report has released their report on ticket prices across the NHL, and the Dallas Stars are one of the best overall deals in the league.

Stars ticket prices fell 5.7 percent this season to average price of $35.66, the cheapest average ticket behind Tampa Bay and Buffalo. The Stars also rank 24th lowest in the NHL in Fan Cost Index at $246.64, which is the average price of four tickets, to draft beers, four hot dogs, four soft drinks, parking, two game programs and two caps. The highest average in the NHL belongs to the Toronto Maple Leafs, where it will cost you nearly $600 dollars to take a family of four to see a home game.

I know I saw that number of $35.66 and was surprised a bit. I've been to a number of Stars games and never paid less than $90 for a decent ticket. What this tells me is that there is a big difference between "premium seating" prices, and those in the upper bowl area.

According to TMR, the average premium ticket cost is $115.28, higher than 15 other teams the NHL. The Stars classify over half of their season seating as "premium seats', and those prices are astronomically higher than the individual tickets found in the upper bowl area. While those in the season seats in the lower bowl are paying $150 a seat, fans can purchase decent seats in the terrace area for just about $24 a ticket.

It's important to note that this report does not take into account dynamic ticket pricing. Currently, priority terrace seats for Friday night game against Boston are $40, compared to $24 for the Monday night game against Los Angeles.

Mark Stepneski has more on the report here.

What are your thoughts? Are Dallas Stars games as economical as this report says, or do you still feel you are overpaying? Has the dynamic ticket pricing changed your mind?