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Mike Modano Out for at Least a Week with "Cracked Rib"

Per Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News:

Modano said that doctors examining the X-ray and MRI taken earlier found a ``little crack'' on Monday night after he had flown to Edmonton. He skated in the morning, but left early.

``They found a little crack in it last night late after I got here, so there's not much movement I can do,'' Modano said ``It started feeling pretty good (before the skate), but once I got on the ice and started moving around, it didn't feel too good. So it's going to be a time thing, and we're probably looking at a little while because everything we do seems to be connected to the ribs, skating and shooting and everything we've got to do on the ice.''

Modano will miss at least tonight's game and Friday's game against Calgary, and most likely will not play on this road trip. Tom Wandell is currently slated to step into the third line center role.

Now, before everyone get's upset about Modano being injury prone in his latter years, it's important to remember that Modano has played less than 76 games just once since the 1998-1999 season. This was a freak injury that could have happened to any player, and is not along the same lines as a groin pull or quad strain. He was speared in the ribs with a stick.

What's unfortunate is that before he was injured Modano looked the best we've seen from him in a long time.