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Updated: Steve Ott Will Have Hearing With Colin Campbell Tomorrow by Phone

Per Elliote Friedman's Twitter account:

Steve Ott has a hearing with Colin Campbell tomorrow. Four-gamer (at least) is a possibility. This one will be interesting.

I'm assuming this will be a meeting of the face-to-face variety in New York since Friedman mentioned it'll be at least a four gamer.

I'll be most interested to hear what Campbell's explanation for the suspension will be. If it's for the kneeing incident, Ott's track record, etc. I'll probably be fine with it.

If his hit on Colaiacovo has any bearing on the suspension, however, I'll package my thoughts and ask  you to tune into Defending Big D Live on Thursday night.

[Update #1]
Colin Campbell told reporters on Hockey Night in Canada that Rob Scuderi was fined today for his hit on Jason Chimera, while Ott is being summoned to New York to talk about his "hits' over the weekend. I'm just going to let that one speak for itself.

[Update #2]
Mike Heika is reporting that the hearing is by phone and that:

Nieuwendyk said he has no feeling on whether Ott could receive a suspension, just that the league said a lot of incidents had happened over the weekend and they are being proactive on them.

Perhaps we're overreacting a bit prematurely, based on that what Nieuwendyk has said. We shall find out tomorrow.

[Update #3]
Mark Stepneski has some quotes from Colin Campbell from his appearance on Hockey Night in Canada:

"We have our eye on him to the point that we have hearing with him on Tuesday," Campbell said. "Our eye has been on Steve Ott. He's a repeat offender. He's been involved in discipline. It's not something we had to deal with right away, so we'll talk about it. Where I am going to go on it, I don't know yet. I'll know afterwards."

Mark also said that the hearing tomorrow has to do with the hip check on Colaiacovo and not the knee on knee hit on Crombeen, when is what I believe to be much worse.