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DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge - You Can Help!

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We here at SB Nation have decided to use our team blogs for some actual and honest good for once, and as such are presenting the 1st Annual SB Nation DonorsChoose Challenge. For those of you who haven't heard of DonorsChoose, they're an organization that solicits requests from teachers for supplies their school districts don't have the money to provide. Then they allow the greater internets to pick a classroom and donate cash to get the supplies they need.

So what we've done, like many blogs across the internet, is set up individual challenge pages for each of the participating blogs. Here's ours.

I've thrown up a handful of classrooms across Texas and the Dallas area that are in need of reading supplies; I'm a huge supporter in the fight against illiteracy and as much as I love sports and movies, I think there is nothing better for your soul and mind than a good book. I'm fearful that kids will lose that love (or never find it) in this world of computers and video games. I know that sounds old, but it's the truth.

So here's our chance to help out.

This is also an internet organization and network contest, with SB Nation competing as a team to see who can raise the most money. The contest starts today and goes through October 31. You can keep track of our donations as a community on the right hand sidebar, as well as use that as an easy link to Defending Big D's Donor Page.