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Friday night discussion: The internet and you

So today when I was eating lunch I noticed a USA Today newspaper nearby. While I was munchin down I perused the paper, checking out the comics and then I started to go through all the sports scores and news from last night.

At some point I realized that I hadn't read a newspaper while eating in almost nine years. It used to be my favorite part of the day. I would check out the comics and sports scores while eating some cereal or what not. When my family would go to the local greasy spoon for breakfast on the weekends my brother and I always fought over who got to read the sports section after my dad. It became tradition. When I was in junior high and high school I would get to school early so I could read that days' newspaper before classes started. It was how I caught up on all the news regarding the Stars, Cowboys and Rangers.

Now we have the internet. I get mobile alerts on my phone as soon as a story is published anywhere on the net regarding the Stars. We live now in a world of instant gratification and it's changed how we get our news, not just sports news.

So, how has the advent of the Internet changed the way you look at sports and news? Do you still read the paper or is that just a thing of the past? Do you cruise the internet looking for anything and everything sports related, or do you rely on websites and blogs to narrow it down for you (I love Deadspin, btw).

Talk it up.