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Random thoughts on the ASG and the Dallas Stars

>The All Star Game this year in Montreal was a big success for the NHL. The fans there were crazy, every event was sold out and there was great vibe about the entire festivities. For a look at the ASG from a journalist who was there, check out James Mirtle's blog From The Rink.

>I thought Modano and Robidas both played well. Robidas made several great plays on defense and had a couple of shots ring off the post. Modano played the role of the veteran All Star, just hanging back and letting the younger guys have fun with the spotlight. He made some great passes throughout the game and had a couple of assists. Overall I was pleased with the Dallas Stars representation.

>Versus has no clue how to broadcast the Skills competition. The whole thing was a mess and several times live action was missed because of a replay. Mike Modano's turn at the accuracy shots were nearly missed by the audience. The producers need to have better communication with the event staff down on the ice to keep things flowing simultaneously. That said, I thought the broadcast of the ASG went much better.

>The Dallas Stars have a few days to rest, regroup and get mentally prepared for a long haul down the stretch. It's been a while since the Stars have had to fight for a playoff spot so it will be interesting to see how this team responds. The good news is that the Stars have put together a respectable record the past few months and have games in hand against the teams in front of them in the standings.

>Keep an eye on some of the backup goaltenders around the league, especially teams that have been working multiple goalies all year. The Stars might be in the mix to deal for a backup at the trade deadline.

>Fabian Brunnstrom should be coming back soon from his ankle injury. It will be good to see him back in action and should be a boost to a team that is already enjoying some offensive success as of late.

> Finally, I have been paying great attention to Jay Bouwmeester the past few weeks and then last night in the ASG. He may be the top free agent this offseason. He has good size, he's a smooth skater and he has very quick hands for a defenseman. Super, super talented player that the Stars should take a very, very long look at signing.