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Friday Night Discussions

Friday Night Discussions is a weekly feature on Defending Big D that allows us to not only reflect on different aspects of being a Dallas Stars fan, but get to know each other as we grow as a community. Many of us know each other from around SBN but not as Stars fans; we also use this opportunity to welcome those who are new to SB Nation and Defending Big D.


Tonight's topic: Who is your all time favorite Dallas Stars player and why?

To me it has to be Joe Nieuwendyk. He was the embodiment of a classy guy who went out every night and just did his job. He wasn't flashy, he didn't talk trash...he just played hockey. I firmly believe that if he hadn't had his knee taken out in 1998 the Stars would have had the firepower to beat Detroit in the playoffs. As it was he missed half the 1998-1999 season, roaring back to become the Stars' go to guy in the playoffs. His six game winning goals in 1999 earned him the Conn Smyth trophy and a Stanley Cup championship. He was a shining example of grit and finesse that represented the type of franchise the Dallas Stars have become known for.