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Brenden Morrow on BaD Radio

Dallas Stars captain Brenden Morrow spent a couple of segments this afternoon in The Ticket studio talking with BaD Radio. Follow the jump for a breakdown of what was said.

The following is a brief summary of Brenden Morrow's appearance on The Ticket on Thursday. It is by no means a word for word transcript and is meant to only convey the main points of what was said.

>Talking about his ACL injury: Had the surgery on December 2nd that not only repaired the torn ligament but also cleaned up some cartilage and meniscus damage. Went into detail of the repair job, specifically how the ligament repair uses part of his hamstring. He said that his hamstring is what hurts him more than anything at this point.

>He said that this season he has made it a point to spend time with team. He regretted not being with the team two years ago when he hurt his wrist and that he felt isolated from his teammates. This time around he has accompanied the team on road trips and is with the team at AAC for home games. He stated that this has almost forced him to rehab vigorously by spending time on the bike before and after game.

>He later stated that on occasion some coaches have asked his thoughts between periods.

>He mentioned that if he has way then he will return this season to play one last home game at AAC before the playoffs start. He acknowledged that this is not likely since the minimum timetable for his return is sometime in late May, but he will be working his best to come back as soon as possible. He has received phone calls from Joe Nieuwendyk and Jeff Halpern about what to expect during recovery.

>Talked about his kids, and how his oldest daughter has already started skating.

>Mentioned that hie first learned to skate on figure skates; a smart thing for parents to do is to provide their children with hand protection while learning to skate.

>Says that any MySpace or Facebook page of his are not actually him.

>Mentioned that the team needs to start getting wins in regulation; the wins are great but the team is giving away too many points to teams that are battling with for a playoff spot.

>On Sean Avery: There's no doubt that this team has benefited from Sean Avery being suspended from the team. He equated it to the team's response last year when they changed general managers after a slow start. He was surprised that Avery had a hard time fitting in with the team because it seems like players are always able to put aside differences and welcome in new teammates despite any past history. He said for some reason that didn't happen this time and he was never able to fully bury the hatchet with Avery. He said the other disappointment was that Avery never lived up to his potential on the ice and that perhaps if he was producing during games some of the off ice antics could have been overlooked. He thinks that Avery had let his personality and image take too much control and that he trying to live up to his wild reputation. He doesn't fault Hull for trying but he thinks that Avery is just too different now that he was when he and hull were teammates.