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Razorback Media Updates - Radio & Website Moves


There have been changes on the local sports talk radio circuit, and one popular news site has been shut down.

Eric Wynalda On Honesty In Sports Media


Wynalda was an outspoken player who has transitioned into an outspoken member of the media. Could Keller's path be similar?

The Arab Spring Has Nothing On Joe Pa Fall.


And you're on in 3, 2, 1... Reporter: I'm here in State College. Tonight, it's the end of a legend. You've heard of the Arab Spring? Well this is Joe Pa Fall. Now I'm going to smirk at the...

Homerism Clause In Longhorn ESPN Contract?


At least that's what the Longhorns' ability to potentially sack on-air talent that doesn't suit the Bellmont narrative suggests. This is the relevant passage in the IMG contract obtained by the...

When The Press Became The Media


There is a great valedictory from Frank Deford called Confessions of a Sportswriter in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. It's well worth your time to read. I've touched upon some of these...

Texas-UNC A Ratings Hit For ESPN


A college basketball game in a pro football arena turned out to be a ratings winner as the Horns 103-90 win over the Tar Heels drew almost 3 million viewers to the ESPN Telecast. The game drew a...

Tiger Woods: The Butterfly Effect


As the Tiger Woods Sex Scandal tries to answer the question, "Will Tiger reach 18 Majors or 18 Mistresses First?" the golf world has to contemplate exactly how hard will his self-induced sabbatical...

March Madness May Move to Cable


Last year the NCAA looked on with envy as the BCS, despite a down economy, hit pay dirt with a $500 million dollar deal to move their games off of broadcast TV to ESPN. Now the organization is...

Comcast Set to Get NBC: How It Could Affect Notre Dame Hire


GE has reached an agreement with its partners and is now ready to sell NBC and its cable channels to Comcast for about $30 Billion. The deal gives Comcast, the the largest U.S. cable TV...

CBS Employee Drops Pants, Clicks ‘Publish’


If you're fired via email late at night, and nobody else is copied on it, did it really happen? Sporstline.com writer Gregg Doyel might find out very soon. He's made a fun game of trashing a new...

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