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Leading investor in Seattle arena project stresses patience


"The leading investor in the project hopes those supporters don't become disillusioned if it ends up taking five to seven years for pro basketball to return if Hansen's current arena proposal is approved by local lawmakers." Smokescreen.

As arena supporters rally, Kings remain Seattle's best NBA option


Another perspective suggesting a Seattle bid vs. Sacramento bid endgame for the Kings in the near future. Includes some quotes from James Ham, speaking well on behalf of Kings fans.

Jason Cole eats his words (well, sort of)


A sportswriter well known for taunting us with the LA factor finally lets it be known that he was in the wrong.

Nassau Voters Reject Proposal to Fix Coliseum


Looks like the Islanders days might be numbered. Could one more deep run at the Cup save this team?

AEG Talks to 5 Teams About Relocation, None of Which are the Bills


AEG has contacted the Vikings, Chargers, Raiders, Rams, and Jaguars about possible relocation for their bid to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles. The story goes on to say the Rams and Jags aren't as likely, and the Vikings essentially need to get a stadium built or they will be the second purple and gold franchise from Minnesota to bolt for SoCal. Two seems thing clear from this story. First, the effort to bring a NFL Team back to LA is more organized and well funded than any other time since 1995. We can expect there to be a team there sooner rather than later. Consequently, Ralph's health and well being in the next 2-4 years are critical to alleviating fears of Buffalo being one of those teams. As long as he is alive, the Bills will not be a candidate for relocation. Hopefully, he will live to see some other franchise set up in LA; thus allowing us a few more years until the next round of relocation roulette.

Worlds Colliding


From the National Post: (Young hockey fan Michelle Wu) grew up in Canton, Conn., a 30-minute drive west of Hartford. Kevin Dineen was her favourite player. She went to watch the Whalers as often as she could, and when they moved, they took her devotion to the NHL with them. And then, she landed in Atlanta.

Thrashers Moving to Winnipeg: Confirmed by the Globe & Mail


Now with nonsense! Updated @ 9:30 LeBrun & Burnside of ESPN and Kevin Allen of USA Today are claiming sources saying a deal has not been completed...stay tuned.

Bee: Anaheim sweetening the pot by millions in effort to lure Kings


Samueli agreeing to spend a great deal more money to get the Maloofs to file and the NBA to agree to it.

Dan Morain: For Burkle, it's only business


A bit of background from the Bee on Burkules the Hero. Hopefully he'll have the chance to make the Maloofs an offer they can't refuse.

President/CEO of ICON/Venue Group to join Mayor at BoG meeting


This is somewhat encouraging, I think. At least Mr. Romani apparently has some good things to say on Sacramento's behalf at this point in the process. Go get 'em, boys.

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