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Nieuwendyk Open to Trading the Rights to Richards


Joe Nieuwendyk, aware that his team can't afford to bring Brad Richards back, has decided he wants to get something instead of nothing for his star center. This process will be made complicated because Richards has a NTC. "(The search) is going well," Nieuwendyk said. "We've met some impressive candidates. Hopefully I would like to get it done before the draft – certainly before free agency." Well, it would be really smart to get it done before July 1st and free agency because by then you'd have no rights to trade Joe. Whether you think it is worth it or not (I don't), if Richards' rights go to another team that team has a huge inside track on the competition. Not only because they get a few more weeks to try and wine and dine Richards, but because it would mean Richards waived his NTC to be there and to try and make it work with that team. Definitely food for thought if his rights get dealt to New York or another team. I know that many of you already assumed (correctly) that Richards' rights could be had, but now it is official. Thought I would throw it up for further discussion to see if you guys think it is worth it or not and what asset(s) you would be willing to give up to have the inside track on landing Brad Richards.

Yahoo's Winners and Losers of the 2011 Trade Deadline


Yahoo! Sports lists GM Joe Nieuwendyk as a loser for the trade deadline. Your thoughts.

Stars Sign Glennie to Three Year Deal


The first draft pick in the Joe Nieuwendyk Era is now officially under contract. "We are excited to reach an agreement with Scott (Glennie)," Nieuwendyk said. "He is a skilled player that we have seen develop very quickly over the past year. We are expecting great things from him as he continues progressing toward the NHL.

Nieuwendyk Says Stars Open to Moving 2nd Round Pick


This from the Morning News (and reported by Pro Hockey Talk as well today...) "I just think we need more picks,'' said Nieuwendyk of the fact the Stars will have an NHL-low four selections in the seven-round draft Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles. ``We need to stock the system. We have great scouts and we need to give them the chance to do their work.'' Currently the Stars have only the 11th, 41st, 71st and 131st picks in the draft.

Dallas Stars Press Conference Announcing Hire of Joe Nieuwendyk as GM


Happening now. And Tom Hicks just threw Marchment under the bus in the first minute.

Razor on with the Musers at 8:50


Or somewhere thereabouts. Obviously, he'll be on to talk about the Nieuwendyk hiring.

Joe Nieuwendyk to be named the new Stars' GM


I guess with the hiring of Burke and Nonis, there wasn't much room left for Joe to advance. Info included on the expected new assignments for current co-GMs Jackson and Hull. Thanks all the same Joe! Best of luck.

Niewendyk Joins Team Canada


A great development for the development of the Leafs' next General Manager.

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