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Formal CBA Talks Resume Tuesday in New York


Formal CBA talks are set to resume Tuesday in New York after more than two weeks of silence.

Daily Links: A Closer Look At The NHLPA Proposals


While the NHL and NHLPA are still slinging angry rhetoric, a closer look at the NHLPA's most recent proposals shows the sides are indeed creeping closer to each other and other news and notes from...

Fehr & Bettman Meet Privately As Talks Continue


As Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr meet privately for the second time in two days, the NHL and NHLPA meet on Saturday to discuss the definitions of HRR.

NHL's Comparisons To NFL Lockout Don't Hold Up


Gary Bettman has repeatedly used the NFL as an example of why the players should accept a lower revenue. The details of the two situations, however, don't add up.

Dallas Stars Daily Links: Lack Of Trust In Negotiations Means NHLPA Is Willing To Wait

The fundamental lack of trust between the NHL and NHLPA has prevented any meaningful negotiations leading up to the impending NHL lockout and other news and notes from around the hockey world.

2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: NHL's New Offer Drops Redefinition Of HRR


The NHLPA made a last minute counter-proposal today that was once again deemed "unacceptable" by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, speaking on behalf of the league's 30 owners. The NHL then countered...

Dallas Stars Daily Links: New CBA May Hinge On Definition Of Hockey-Related Revenue

It's becoming more and more clear that the real sticking point in the current negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA involve what defines hockey-related revenue and other news and notes from around...

2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: NHL Offers New Proposal As Sides Meet Briefly Once Again


Gary Bettman and Bill Daly met with brothers Donald and Steve Fehr briefly this morning while the league explained their new offer. Fehr returned to the PA offices to confer with players for 3.5...

Dallas Stars Daily Links: Bettman Implies Fans Will Come Back Despite Lockout

The NHL commissioner showed the owners have no incentive to speed up the CBA negotiations as they already know the fans will come back no matter what happens and other news and notes from around...

Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Stars, UT-Southwestern And The Ethics Of Sponsored Medical Care


The Stars announced a new partnership with UT-Southwestern as their official medical care provider, and one hockey blogger has some questions about the ethics of that, along with other news and...

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