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NHLPA Does Not Approve Realignment


The Dallas Stars were hopeful their days in the Pacific Division would be over after this season. This appears to not be the case anymore after the NHLPA did not approve the league's realignment plan by the NHL's deadline. The league will operate under the current divisions and playoff format for the 2012-13 season. Plenty more on this later, but I can guarantee you the Stars will not be pleased with this development.

Dallas Stars are now on Google+


For those of you who are on Google+, the Dallas Stars now are too. Add the Stars to your Circle!

Stars getting some respect from Penguins media


Stars are getting recognition as a threat even from the Penguins reporters about Crosby's return. With the line of " However, if they could use him against any opponent, it'd be Dallas: the 10-3 Stars lead the Western Conference with 20 points." I'm happy our boys are starting to get some national respect!

Stars Acquire Nystrom from Wild


The Stars acquired Eric Nystrom from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for future considerations as per the official Dallas Stars Twitter feed. I presume this solves our cap issues. Thoughts?

Edmonton Oilers give Nicklas Grossman some love


The Oiler SBNation has a nice post on the NHL career of Grossman. Includes indepth Stats. Enjoy :)

Red Wing Fans Discuss Modano Possibility


For some reason the Red Wing contingent over at Wingin it in "Motown" (oh, the unintentional puns...) isn't disgusted and appalled at the idea of having a Dallas Star on their roster. I don't get it. But if you like, you can click on over there and read their discussion of the cap situation and the possibility of Mike signing with Detroit. If you do decide to comment, please represent DBD civilly and be respectful. The good news is that they appear to have very little room once their RFA situation shakes out. The bad news is that if Mike goes there, you have to be happy for him if he is happy.

Stars announce schedule for 2010 Development Camp in Frisco


It's from July 1-7 and is open to the public, so you can get a great chance to see the newest Star, Jack Campbell, in person as well as the rest of the 2010 draft class. Also taking part in the camp are last year's first round pick, Scott Glennie and our favorite Danish defenseman Philip Larsen. Check out the full roster and schedule by following the link.

Nieuwendyk Says Stars Open to Moving 2nd Round Pick


This from the Morning News (and reported by Pro Hockey Talk as well today...) "I just think we need more picks,'' said Nieuwendyk of the fact the Stars will have an NHL-low four selections in the seven-round draft Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles. ``We need to stock the system. We have great scouts and we need to give them the chance to do their work.'' Currently the Stars have only the 11th, 41st, 71st and 131st picks in the draft.

Happy 40th Birthday, Mike Modano


Yes, today is the 40th birthday of the greatest American born hockey player ever to grace the ice. For a nice birthday present, I recommend he help complete the sale of the team, stay with the Stars forever and never leave Dallas. Or, you know, have a nice beer at "Hully and Mo" and pet his wife and spend some time with their dog. Spend some time with his wife and pet their dog.

Robidas, Daley Join Richards With Arthroscopic Surgeries


Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News reported earlier today that Stars defensemen Trevor Daley and Stephane Robidas each had surgeries to repair torn labrums in their shoulders. A labrum (in the hip, in the shoulder) is a kind of "cuff" of cartilage that keeps joints in their sockets, evolutionarily so probably because the sockets themselves are not very deep and do not hold the joints in place sufficiently. (Don't hold me to this, I'm not a doctor.) Recovery time is said to be three months. Everyone should be ready to go by September.

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