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Dallas Stars Bankruptcy: Hearing To Approve Sale Moved To November 18


Good news for those wondering if the sale of the Dallas Stars would be moved up after Tom Gaglardi was confirmed as the lone bidder for the team and that his Stalking Horse Asset Purchase...

Updated: Dallas Stars Sale & Bankruptcy: IRS Files Objection To Sale


This past week we learned that Tom Gaglardi would be facing no other bidders during the bankruptcy proceedings and we assumed there was a clear path to the sale of the team finally completed. The...

Dallas Stars Sale & Tom Gaglardi: What Changes Can We Expect?


[Update: The NHL has confirmed there were no other bids on the Dallas Stars. Tom Gaglardi will be the new owner of this hockey team.] Late last week, some significant news regarding the sale and...

Dallas Stars Sale & Bankruptcy: Deadline For Bids Approaching


[Update: Mike Heika some further information as well, saying that Doug Miller is still a potential bidder at this point. You can read his update on the sale here.] With the Dallas Stars season...

Dallas Stars Sale & Bankruptcy: Courts Approve Bidding Procedures


Earlier this afternoon the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware approved of the bidding procedures proposed by the Dallas Stars, the NHL and Tom Gaglard

Dallas Stars Sale & Bankruptcy: Details On The Purchase Plan & Bankruptcy Proceedings


Yesterday the Dallas Stars kicked off the final steps in completing the sale of the franchise when they filed for bankruptcy in Delaware. As we've stated for a while now, these bankruptcy...

Dallas Stars Sale & Bankruptcy, What We know: 60-Day Timeline, Auction Hearing Next Week


The Dallas Stars filed for bankruptcy today; here's what we know as far as the facts of the filing and the timeline.

Dallas Stars Sale & Bankruptcy: Let's Clarify, The Team Is Not Moving & Bankruptcy Was Planned


Note: For all of our coverage of the Dallas Stars sale, please go here. As the Dallas Stars get closer to filing for bankruptcy and entering the courts, which will then in turn kick off the final...

Dallas Stars Sale: Lenders Approve Plan, Sale Expected To Enter Court Soon


The Dallas Stars sale is moving forward, with the lenders approving a pre-packaged bankruptcy plan.

Dallas Stars Sale: Is The US Economy Affecting The Process?


I know that news about the ongoing sale process of the Dallas Stars is getting to be repetitive and tiresome. Every week it seems we're led to believe that news of progress is imminent and every...

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