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A. Cole likely out for season


Thank you Landon Donovan. Just when you think it could not get any worse after yesterday's defeat at Goodison Park, this little tidbit surfaces. The finest left fullback in the world is likely done...

Derrick Rose Injury: Chicago Bulls Point Guard Unlikely To Play Vs. Knicks On Tuesday (PODCAST)


On the SB Nation Chicago Podcast, Ricky O'Donnell and Z.W. Martin talk about the latest news surrounding Bulls point guard Derrick Rose. After suffering an ankle injury against the Knicks on Easter...

Jamie Benn "Day-To-Day" With Cut On Leg, Could Play Sunday


The Dallas Stars center apparently escaped serious injury from a skate cut and could miss only one game..

18-to-88 Blog - A physical therapist emails Deshawn Zombie on Freeney, says "It is either being overstated, or Freeney is Wolverine".


Heartening opinion from a physical therapist who emailed DZ his opinion on the whole matter. While we are not hearing from Freeney's or the Colts own doctors on this, it is still good to hear from professionals in the field. And while Dr. Ben's opinion is not rendered from extensive examination, it's still the considered opinion of a professional, thus superior to any of our guesswork.

Phil B. Wilson of the Indy Star: "As promised, here's the bottom line on Dwight Freeney"


Quote: "This much I'm sure of, from reading him and chatting off the record with someone else: He's going to play." Phillip B. Wilson from the Indianapolis Star posted a blog thread about his interview with Dwight Freeney on Tuesday, along with some quotes.

Kevin Martin Should Shut It Down for the Season


An argument in favor of K-Mart sitting out the rest of the season to fully heal his ankle. What do you think?

Monta has a mildly sprained ankle


Feb 3 Ellis suffered a mildly-sprained ankle during the overtime session of Monday's loss to San Antonio, but says he is fine, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Oh Monta...

How Monta Ellis Really Got Injured


Five funny suggestions about the real way Monta Ellis suffered his high ankle sprain. Obviously these are made up. But since the Warriors front office refuses to leak the details, we have to pass the time somehow...

Health concerns [REDACTED]. I'd say Mr. Wells will be fine.


Health concerns [REDACTED]. I'd say Mr. Wells will be fine.

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