Dallas Stars Ups & Downs

Dallas Stars Ups & Downs: Week 16


So now that the Dallas Stars players and coaches (save for two of them) have had a nice break where they've been able to relax and heal up some nicks and bruises, we close the book on the NHL...

Stars Ups & Downs: Week 15


We delayed this week's edition of U&D's to get a better sample size of three games, but when the Stars manage to win all three games as you may have guess, there isn't too much to be "down" about...

Stars Ups & Downs: Week 14


The Stars continued to roll this past week picking up three wins in four games and at least acquiring a point in the one shoot-out loss they did have.  Of course as such, the ups and downs for this...

Stars Ups & Downs - Week 12 & 13


It's been a little while since we've done this, mostly because of the holiday rush and in some weeks having too small a sample size to truly grade the guys.  We're back at it though this week and...

Stars Ups & Downs - Week 10


A much tougher week this past week compared to the last few for the Dallas Stars who went an even two wins and two losses.  The ups and downs this week reflect that as we have a lot more "evens"...

Stars Ups & Downs - Week 9


Again, as was the case last week, when you have a run like the Dallas Stars have had, there isn't going to be many things to be negative or down about when it comes to looking at overall...

Dallas Stars Ups & Downs - Week 8


We can all agree four wins this week is great, but of course we all know those were not all exactly perfect wins.  Still, as Brad mentioned in a post over the weekend we Dallas Stars fans should be...

Dallas Stars Ups And Downs - Week 7


Inconsistency: Thy name is the Dallas Stars.  Two gritty wins against divisions rivals, followed by a just as gritty overtime loss to Colorado had us feeling ok about this team, where it was...

Dallas Stars Ups & Downs: Week 6


Sadly if you're looking for good, positive vibes this week you're going to have to look to a different post.  Sure the Stars showed plenty of heart during their two losses in California this past...

Dallas Stars Ups & Downs: Week 5


Dallas Stars Ups & Downs: Week 5

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