NHL Free Agency

Report: Roussel Looking For $2.35M In Arbitration


Antoine Roussel, the agitating forward for the Dallas Stars, chipped in for 14 goals and 29 points this season -- his first full NHL season not shortened by a lockout. Does that production make him...

What Makes Dallas An Attractive Destination?


What is it about Dallas that made it the talk of the NHL in free agency and trade discussions?

Stars Sign Backup G Anders Lindback


The #2 goaltender position has been a sore point for the organization for many years running. Will this year change that?

Trade Rumor: Stars On Jason Spezza's No Trade List


Two of the top centers rumored to be on the trading block are apparently no longer options for the Dallas Stars. At least for today.

Could Dallas Stars and Boston Bruins make a deal?


Over the last two seasons, the Dallas Stars, under two different general managers, have made two significant deals with Peter Chiarelli. Might a third be in the offing this summer?

Dallas Stars Have Cap Space For Signings, Trades


The NHL revenue for this season is higher than initially expected, which means the salary cap will be higher next season.

Is Matt Niskanen Elite?


Should NHL teams give their first born children to sign Matt Niskanen?

Playoff Hockey Watching Thread As Stars Rest


More playoff hockey. Get your dose in now, because before you know it we're in the doldrums of August and begging for hockey to return.

NHL Free Agency: Texas Stars Have Depth


Texas Stars have a lot of veteran unrestricted free agents coming due for contracts.

Dallas Stars RFAs Due For New Contracts


What will Dallas sign their restricted free agents to this summer?


What Will Happen With Dallas' UFAs?


Dallas has three unrestricted free agents after this season is done - Ray Whitney, Vernon Fiddler and Stephane Robidas. Some of the Defending Big D staff chimes in on what we think will happen with...

Dallas Stars As Sellers


What would it look like if the Stars become sellers?

Dallas Stars As Buyers


What would it look like if the Stars become buyers?

Dallas Stars Trade Deadline Direction (Poll)


In which direction should the Stars head at the deadline?

Josi and Voynov extensions set bar for defensemen


What kind of impact will the Roman Josi and Slava Voynov extensions have on the market for young defensemen?

NHL Trade or Free Agency? Finding The Missing Piece For Dallas Stars Defense


The Dallas Stars have taken some big steps on improving the roster and setting up the team for the future. Yet there is still a major piece missing on the blue line....

Dallas Stars Trade Steve Ott, Adam Pardy to Buffalo Sabres for Center Derek Roy


It appears the Stars are looking to make some trades. Mike Heika broke the news this afternoon that the Dallas Stars have traded Steve Ott and Adam Pardy to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for...

NHL 2012 Free Agency: What Does Your Dallas Stars Recruitment Video Include?


NHL 2012 Free Agency: What Does Your Dallas Stars Recruitment Video Include?

Dallas Stars Free Agency So Far: Most Important Addition


After a very quiet follow up to perhaps the busiest four hours of free agency I've ever seen from the Dallas Stars, we can all sit back and start to contemplate just what all this means for the...

2011 NHL Free Agency: Dallas Stars Finally Back In The Game


This is finally it; the time has arrived. The Dallas Stars will be financially prepared and able to take part in the major aspects of free agency, unlike in past years when Nieuwendyk was forced to...

2011 NHL Free Agency Profile: Scottie Upshall


2011 NHL Free Agency Profile: Scottie Upshall

2011 NHL Free Agency: Is Philip Larsen A Potential Trade Piece?


The past few days and even weeks, as July 1 loomed in the future, much of our focus has been on free agency and just whom -- and for how much -- the Dallas Stars would have to overpay to not only...

2011 Free Agency Profile: Joel Ward


We continue to look ahead to July 1 and the opening of the NHL's free agent market by doing some window shopping in preparation for the Dallas Stars opening up their wallets to bring in some new...

2011 Free Agency Profile: Brent Sopel


With the 2011 draft complete, and confirmation that the Stars' payroll is not only increasing but will be above the cap floor, we will continue to take a look at some Free Agents.  Today we will...

Not a Red Wing Yet: Wild and Sharks Show Interest in Mike Modano


The Minnesota Wild and the San Jose Sharks appear to be interested in the veteran center.

Marty Turco Watch: Philadelphia Back In?


Marty Turco Watch: Philadelphia Back In?

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