Dallas Stars Daily Links: Brenden Dillon Gets Speared

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Brenden Dillon amazingly was able to play the game out after being speared in an uncomfortable place.

Brenden Dillon had a bit of a rough go of it against Anaheim's Brad Staubitz, although the 3-1 Dallas Stars win may help ease the pain. Staubitz speared Dillon right in the most sensitive part of a man. Even though they wear protection, it still cannot feel good to take a stick there. He was a good sport about it, posting this on Twitter in response to a concerned observer:

Carey Price can relate.

In today's links, more on last night's win, Anaheim Calling's take on the game, and random news from around the league.

  • Trevor Daley said "That guy doesn't get enough credit for how good he really is." in regards to Kari Lehtonen in Mark Stepneski's post-game recap from last night's win. We wholeheartedly agree here at DBD. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • In case you missed it, Brad Staubitz was given a game misconduct after spearing Brenden Dillon. Puck Daddy has the video. Guys, you might feel some sympathy pains upon viewing. [Puck Daddy]
  • Spearing seems to be a trend, as Johan Franzen gave one to David Perron. [CBSSports.com]
  • Anaheim with penalty trouble? That's not anything that sounds familiar at all...[Anaheim Calling]
  • Apparently playing .500 hockey over the last five games was "faltering" by San Jose Sharks standards. One reason for that is their power play. I'd gladly switch with them. San Jose sits in 7th overall in the NHL on their power play percentage. As if more was needed to prove how tough the Pacific Division can be, Anaheim ranks at 8th and Phoenix at 10th. Add another to the list of why the Dallas Stars need to fix their penalty issues. [Contra Costa Times]
  • The great blizzard moving through the northeast is causing at least one game to be delayed - the Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning game scheduled for a 1 PM EST start but it has been pushed back to a 7 PM EST start. [Fox Sports]
  • Mike Ribeiro scored a goal that immediately left people wondering why it was allowed to stand. I learned about a new rule thanks to this. The way the rule is written seems backwards to me. [CBSSports.com]
  • One thing NHL.com does really well is present some good human interest features related to the sport of hockey. They had a very cool feature on Marine Sergeant Josh Sweeney. He found sled hockey during rehabilitation in San Antonio. Just another example of how hockey has expanded in the Lone Star State. [NHL.com]
  • Sean Avery gave a rare interview to TSN about a myriad of topics. Apparently he had a lot of fun as an NHL player. [Puck Daddy]
  • "Mingling with Marty" should become a staple feature. Retired hockey player + random fans + video to capture all of the awkwardness = greatness.

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