Players I'm interested in acquiring / signing, in rough order

Obviously we can't get everybody. This list is roughly sorted within categories by how much I want them, modulated by how much I think they'll cost. So it's a value judgement, and I'm amenable to arguments.

I think that a 2C is the part we need the most, we can get by with the same D (-Gonchar & Rome) if we have to. I see our acquisition priorities as:

G (obviously)







If we get that far down the list, we've done too much and don't need any more roster shakeups. I only go that far because of the assets we might need to spend.


Paul Stastny - UFA, best available. If we can get him, we should.

Mikhail Grabovski - UFA - Great stats, if not as high end as other options. If all it takes is money, he's the value option

Ryan O’Reilly - If Colorado finds themselves in a bind/resigns Stasny, I'd love to take their highly skilled kid off their hands.

Nazem Kadri - If we have the opportunity to buy low, play high we should take it.

Ryan Kessler - He wants out, we want in. I think the above players are a better value, but who knows if we can get them

Jason Spezza - I think this is the most likely actual outcome. He also wants out, wants to play in a low stress environment, we're a great match. - Hard to imagine a deal gets done now if it didn't before the draft.

Joe Thornton - This guy is an absolute rockstar. Him dishing assists to Nichuskin and banking shots off whatever LW we put next to him would be phenonomal. He's so far down the list because of how much he'd cost and the fact that he can't be a long term solution.

David Legwand - UFA - We need to have someone in the 2C spot.

Brad Richards - UFA - I hold no grudges, but I think it's likely we can do better unless we can't

Vincent Lecavalier - If Phily really wants to keep making terrible trades, we have cap space and they need it.


Jussi Jokinen - Veteran experienced guy, good stats, pending UFA. Put him on the second line and wait for McKenzie to cut his teeth. UFA

Nail Yakupov - It's like getting a #1 overall draft pick without having a terrible season. I'm sure better coaching and line mates can get him productive.

Evander Kane - Again, buy low, play high. If Winnipeg wanted to move him, great deal.

Thomas Vanek - Giving our new #2C a goalscorer to pass to would make that 2nd line absolutely lethal. UFA

Matt Moulson - Cheaper version of the above, keeps him from scoring on us ;) UFA

Mike Cammaleri - More expensive version of the above, UFA.


Ales Hemsky - UFA - Made a huge leap up in Ottawa compared to Edmonton. Put him next to Benn and Seguin and he'd probably be great. But not worth a big sacrifice compared to our existing RW depth. If we moved some of them (Chiasson, Ritchie, Sceviour) then he'd be a way to replace that.


Dion Phaneuf - #1 D almost never come on the market. 7/7 is market price for them. If you want one, you have to pay it.

PK Subban - #1 D almost never come on the market. The odds of drafting a Norris Trophy winner in the next 4 years are extremely slim. I'm willing to offer sheet at 10-11million and let the chips fall where they may.

Dustin Byfuglin - Beast of a defenseman, doesn't get the credit he should

Jake Gardiner - Sounds like Toronto has wised up and decided to keep him, but if not he'd be a good acquisition.

Anton Stralman - UFA - Statistically, he's doing something that was making the NYR great. If we can get that, it will make our D corps strong.

Tom Gilbert - UFA - He does great work for his price. If we need to fill a D spot because we traded someone out, here's a good value to fill the spot.

TJ Brennan - UFA - AHL defenseman of the year, 72 points in 76 games. Available for cash. The -10 is a concern.


Al Montoya - UFA - Great value for a backup with NHL experience. Only trick is convincing him he wants to play here.

Drew MacIntyre - UFA - He was absolutely amazing in the Calder Cup playoffs. Free Agent. Absolutely a great option.

James Reimer - He is very clearly surplus to Toronto's requirements, so they need to move him, but he's a perfectly good NHL starter. If you trade Kari for whatever reason and don't acquire Miller or Hiller, here's a great option. I didn't put either of those in because I don't intend to trade Kari.

Edit: Removed a couple options I don't think are there any more.

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