Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Get to Ben Bishop Early and Often in Win Over Lightning

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In which the Stars lapidate the Lightning, the ice in Tampa Bay is on a serious tilt, and Boris Jonson successfully jinxes Ben Bishop...

I didn't say it. The Royal Half did.

Even after last night's impressive first and third periods on the road against Tampa (seriously, all of the offense last night seemed to be generated in one direction), I'm still worried about whether the Stars can make the playoffs this season or not. Around the league though it seems more and more people are giving the Stars the edge. And yes, I know! After last night they obviously have the edge, what with a point advantage and a half-game in hand, but still.

There was an article a couple days ago on Backhand Shelf, calling the Stars the toughest potential wildcard draw in the West. (Stick tap to whoever mentioned this article in comments the other day). And Puck Daddy are talking about the Coyotes 'inching' back into the race against the Stars.

The Stars, it would appear, are in the driver's seat. Let's hope they can remain there for the final week.

* * *

It's a recap/precap day. First things first, a game happened last night. [Sports Day DFW] [Stars Inside Edge] [NHL.com]

And a game will happen tonight this afternoon soon. [Stars Inside Edge] [NHL.com] [CBS Sports]

Razor talks about two crucial things for the Stars: special teams and goaltending. And while the penalty kill and Kari at least showed up last night, the power play didn't. Not so much. [Razor with an Edge]

And Mike Heika looks to Nikola Tesla for inspiration as the Stars power play woes continue. [Sports Day DFW]

Ahh Antoine Roussel... One of the Stars' lovable pit bulls. [Stars Inside Edge]

Everyone's favorite weekly article! And if it's not, it should be. DemocraThree, your weekly Conference III roundup. [III Communication]

Updated NHL Playoff Death Watch. [Puck Daddy]

Welp. Minnesota lambasted the Penguins last night. Hope you're all comfortable with that number 8 seed... *knock on wood* [NHL.com]

Who knew the Blues-Avalanche was such a bitter rivalry? In a game with no major playoff implications, the Blues and Avs nevertheless tried to kill each other. [Puck Daddy]

The Phoenix Coyotes have three days off between their last game against the Oilers and their next against the Blue Jackets. So with nothing fresh, let's dwell on that beautiful gaffe that cost them a win in the final minute of regulation against Edmonton.

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