Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Put on Impressive Display Against the Capitals

"Dustin Jeffrey the beneficiary of three Capitals players trying to kill Alex Chiasson." -Razor - Patrick Smith

In which the Dallas Stars' depth lines can't help but score, the Washington Capitals have trouble making more than one pass in a row, and the Stars are once more on the inside looking out...

'Secondary Scoring.' It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

As does 'Tertiary Scoring,' even though nobody uses that phrase. They should though! Especially after Dustin Jeffrey helped propel the Stars to a win last night with a two-goal performance. After all that talk about the inability to generate offense beyond the BennGuin line, the Stars can now call up waiver-wire acquisitions from the AHL and have them contribute multi-goal efforts. Everybody's getting in on the act, and how beautiful has it been to watch?

Seriously, hands up if you called Ryan Garbutt as a 16-goal scorer at the beginning of the season.


The other call up, the one who made his NHL debut yesterday, didn't do half bad either. Coincidence that a highly-touted prospect known for being a shutdown defenseman debuts in a 5-0 whitewash of the Washington Capitals? Well, yeah, and a lot of the praise for that deservedly goes to Kari Lehtonen, but still. Anybody else remember the tag line in Brandon's article about Patrik Nemeth yesterday?

"Patrik Nemeth on the ice = no goals against."


* * *

Relive the dismantling of another team 'desperate' for points in the race to the playoffs. [Sports Day DFW] [Stars Inside Edge] [NHL.com]

Notes. [Stars Inside Edge]

And quotes. [Sports Day DFW]

I've been waiting for Puck Daddy's Three Stars of the night to be posted, but they're delaying so I'm just going to assume Kari Lehtonen got one. [Edit: Just an honorable mention for Kari, Chiasson, and Seguin. I guess the Capitals weren't a worthy enough opponent to net us a Star...]

So because of Nemeth's call up, Kevin Connauton again watched the game from the press box. Maybe he's frustrated, but whatever. I'm pretty stoked that they'll both be a part of the Stars' future. [Sports Day DFW]

Apparently Ralph Strangis has a handshake deal on his new contract. That's all Mike Heika knows. Well, that's all he knows about that particular question. He knows plenty else, and he tells you about it in this chat. [Sports Day DFW]

This one was written about the Capitals prior to the Stars game last night, but man does it resonate. Just add in another loss to the losing streak and it could be a summary of yesterday. [Washington Post]

In honor of April Fool's Day, player pranks over the years. [NHL.com]

I just caught the recap of the Oilers-Rangers game on Sunday over at Copper&Blue. If you ever feel bad about the Stars, not that you should at this particular moment, be glad at least you're not an Oilers' fan. For if so, you might be reading articles like this: "'Tis better to have never loved at all than to loved and lost, I think that's how the expression goes, I've been huffing a lot of lighter fluid." [Copper&Blue]

Only not many days left in the NHL season! Down Goes Brown tells you what to watch for. Or rather, what to watch. [Grantland]

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The Jets beat the Coyotes. Albeit in a shootout, but it still puts the Stars in that beautiful place I like to call '8th.' [NHL.com]

And lastly, umm... I don't know what to say to this. I really, just, don't know.

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