Dallas Stars Daily Links: Predicting the First Round of the NHL Playoffs

Graham Jenkins

In which everyone flips a coin and picks the winners of the first round, Barry Trotz moves on to greener pastures, and is it Wednesday already?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin tomorrow. Which means that everyone who even pretends to know anything about hockey is making predictions for the results of the first round. And while we know that the real predictions, those that you're anxiously awaiting, are those of the DBD staff, there are other people who claim a modicum of knowledge regarding hockey.

Erin got it started yesterday with predictions from SB Nation and the official NHL website. We continue it today with the pundits weighing in. Puck Daddy don't have their full predictions up yet (that I've seen anyway), but they do have a preview at least of the Stars and Ducks. And it's written by someone who has done quite the about face since the beginning of the season, when he picked the Stars to finish last in the Central Division. Since then he has posted an article describing it as the worst prediction of the pre-season, and now in his series preview of the Ducks and Stars, he ultimately gives Dallas the edge.

The consensus of the 'experts' over at ESPN though is a little different. 10 out of 12 pick the Ducks to take down the Stars. Course, those same 10 probably vote for an NBA dunk to be number one in ESPN's Top 10 every night. As for the rest of their first round predictions, I'm pretty sure half of them were just looking over the shoulders' of the other half and copying down their answers. CBC has their first round previews and predictions up as well. For the Western Conference, and the East. And if you're the betting type, find all your odds here.

The only series of the eight with a universal consensus on the winner? The Bruins topping the Red Wings. No pressure Boston...

Whatever, we all know the best part of predictions is how foolish everybody looks when they get them all wrong.

Anyway, today is the final day of the six year wait for Dallas Stars playoff hockey. And as you all know, it's been quite the ride for fans of the Stars. And quite the season for the Dallas Stars themselves. An up and down season on the heels of a tumultuous summer, that saw more than a few changes rung in. But there was one change in particular that led to the Stars surprising (at least to the rest of the league) run to the post-season. One new face brought in before this season began. You all know who I'm talking about.

That's right, on the 12th of September, 2013, I joined the Defending Big D team. Sometimes, the tiniest thing can be the missing piece of the puzzle...

* * *

No games in the NHL yesterday. Not a single one! The calm before the storm...

Alright Kari Lehtonen, time to stand and deliver. [Stars Inside Edge]

And everyone else, it's also time to 'Stand and Deliver.' [Sports Day DFW]

Is hockey set to overtake basketball in popularity in Dallas? There was a time when that was the case, and with the Stars rising in a league with built-in parity, and the Mavericks falling in a league that allows a few teams to dominate, who knows? [Star-Telegram]

Down Goes Brown wraps up the, somewhat lackluster, final weekend of NHL regular season hockey. [Grantland]

A heartfelt eulogy for Barry Trotz, who for the first time in pretty much forever is not the coach of the Nashville Predators. [III Communication]

Alex Ovechkin defends himself. And the Capitals. [Puck Daddy]

And lastly, it seems those at Puck Daddy aren't as excited about the Stars' playoff series as we are. They rank it 8th out of 8 for watchability. Obviously they haven't seen Jordie Benn's beard. (that reference will make more sense once you've read the article)

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