Some tips for new posters

I don't always post, but when I do, I tend to follow these guidelines:

1. Everyone is quite aware that GMJN1 traded Neal/Niskanen for Goose. You know it. We know it. My mother knows it. It has been discussed once or twice before. Bringing up this trade to bash Goligoski's current performance probably will not go over well. It's OK not to like him, but bring up the trade at your own risk. You will probably be mocked and ridiculed for beating a dead horse. Move on already.

2. If you're looking to make a good first impression, mocking a regular isn't the way to go. Good things to avoid are name calling (tubanerd is one of my favs so far) and overboard accusations/questions (I seem to remember someone asking Taylor, one of the staff writers, if she'd ever watched a hockey game before.)

3. On that note, don't assume that all posters are dudes, as we have quite the knowledgeable female fan base here.

4. Not everyone here likes everyone else. It happens. But we're all Stars fans, so keep it relatively civil. But if you're going to dish it out, be able to take it.

5. Sometimes fans of other teams will visit DBD. If they troll, feel free to mock them. But there are some cool COL/SJ/BOS/etc fans. (Although the Wild seem to be lacking in the cool fan department for some reason...) And if you run over to another SB Nation blog to talk trash, at least be witty about it. Being an idiot just makes DBD look bad.

6. Post lots of gifs and pictures. They're awesome. I'm not as good at is as others, but it's pretty easy. Click the picture button and put in the address of your pic/gif. The button is 3rd from the right above the message text for posting. I highly recommending looking at your post in preview before posting to make sure it looks right.

7. Feel free to blame tuba for anything and everything that happens. #blametuba is a thing here. Jump on the bandwagon.

8. DBD's staff has decided to keep this a profanity free zone. Sort of. Just cover any profanity/vulgarity/the name of LA's captain with the spoiler bar (Ctrl+F) and you're good. Again, the preview option is your friend.

9. That piece of garbage that played mostly for the New York Rangers and LA Kings but also had a short stint with the Stars shall never be mentioned by name. Period. If you see "He Who Shall Not Be Named," that's who we're talking about.

10. Mike Modano is king of all things Dallas Stars, and he only played for the Stars franchise during his career. We don't care what anyone else says, he never played for anyone else. Ever. Didn't happen.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please post often and enjoy talking about all things Dallas Stars! This is the hands-down best site for all things Dallas Stars hockey. We're lucky to have a blog run by such great staff and writers.

Regular posters please jump in and comment to cover anything I've missed. It's supposed to be a tip sheet to help folks out. There are countless folks here that have been here longer than I have, but hopefully this gets the ball rolling.

This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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