Dallas Stars Daily Links: Minnesota Wild Drop Fourth Game of Last Five

A summary of the current state of the Minnesota Wild - Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

In which another back-to-back begins tonight, beer league referees are amazing, and the Stars may soon be chasing the Wild rather than the Coyotes for the final playoff spot...

Wait a minute... I thought it was a two-horse race for that final wildcard spot? Could it, could it be the Wild have decided to join the party?

Minnesota lost to the Blues last night, not a wholly surprising thing in and of itself, but when it means the Wild fall to 1-3-1 over their last 5, concern is starting to set in. Minnesota now hold only a single point lead on the Coyotes for the 1st wildcard spot. Which means they're only six points up on the Stars, and Dallas have two games in hand. And yes, the 'Yotes won, because of course they did, and so they're now five up on Dallas. To make it worse for Minnesota though, the final eight for the Wild include games against Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, and St. Louis.

The plot would appear to be thickening...

* * *

You know, one thing I don't have for you today is game previews for tonight's match against Nashville. It's like every beat writer for the Stars took the night off. Maybe they're up by now. Who knows? Whatever. Just read the Defending Big D preview. It'll be the best one anyway.

I do have some practice notes from yesterday for you. It does allude to today's game, so that at least is worth something. [Stars Inside Edge]

Josh Bogorad talks this week about the struggles of the Stars on the road and their upcoming schedule. [On the Radar]

The Rich Peverley incident could lead to modifications in how the NHL deals with any similar situation in the future. [Yahoo Sports]

Whether you're into Fantasy Hockey or not, this one is worth it just for the list of the top-scoring players since the Olympic Break. Check out who are first and third. [Puck Daddy]

The truth will out! Players finally admit what we knew all along. No one's got a clue what's happening on line changes. Shoutout to Lewis85 for this one! [A Site Known Only for the Most Serious Journalism]

Ten reasons why we should all love Brian Burke. [Puck Daddy]

Also, my apologies for missing this one when it first appeared. Thanks to Tuba though for bringing it to my attention. Eddie Lack serenades Roberto Luongo, following the trade that forced them apart.

And lastly, the 'flying icing' call should totally be a thing. And no, this isn't one of the refs from the Dallas-Chicago game the other night.

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