Dallas Stars Daily Links: Rich Peverley in Stable Condition Following Collapse

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In which we pause to reflect on things more important than hockey...

We've been through some serious injuries to our players this season as Stars' fans. Stephane Robidas' was the worst, but Trevor Daley also went off in unpretty circumstances, and more recently the head injury to Kari Lehtonen had us all holding our breath and hoping he was alright... and then we got back to the game.

Last night was different.

Last night transcended sports. There was no thought of 'playing on,' as with the usual hockey injuries, no matter how serious they might be. What happened with Rich Peverley made the game seem suddenly irrelevant. Nothing else mattered. What else could matter?

We have a tendency to live our lives as if we're immortal. We have to, otherwise we'd spend our days indoors, afraid to set foot outside for fear of what might happen. But more even than ourselves, we feel that our sports heroes are immortal. Superhuman. Sure, they might be injured playing, because they put everything on the line, but they'll return to the ice, return to the game, and live forever. That's what legends do.

And then last night happens.

Maybe what's so scary about the Rich Peverley situation is that it gives all of us a taste of our own mortality. Nothing should ever be taken for granted, and while for many of us, hockey is life, there are things that are far more important than a game.

Get well soon Rich.

* * *

Links today are going to focus on one thing only. Yes there was other news from around the NHL, but we can get to that tomorrow.

This video is the TSN Sports Centre report on the story.

And this one is game footage. There's no audio, but it doesn't need it. The expressions on the faces of the Stars after Peverley left the game say it all.

Quotes from Lindy Ruff and the doctors involved. [Sports Day DFW]

Eerily enough, last night's situation was not without precedent. Nine years ago a similar thing happened with Jiri Fischer of the Detroit Red Wings. [Sports Day DFW]

If you're not on Twitter, or if you were away from it last night, know that the hockey community knows how to prioritize. There was an outpouring of love from around the league, and even from outside the league as the Cowboys, Rangers, and FC Dallas showed their support. [Fansided]

And lastly, Rich Peverley, upon regaining consciousness, apparently asked the doctors if he could get back in the game. If you didn't love him before last night, you had better love him now.

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