For Lindy, A Statistical Recap of Dallas at Phoenix

Thearon W. Henderson

Oh hey. Numbers.

The Stars knocked off the Coyotes 3-1 on the strength of a sweet empty net goal by Ryan Garbutt. I don't know what it says about the game or about myself that the most impressive part of the game was an empty netter, but here we are.

The Coyotes generated a healthy number of shots throughout the game at even strength, but the Stars generated significantly better scoring chances. The Fenwick chart below shows the shot advantage enjoyed by the Coyotes.


The Coyotes enjoyed a 55% Fenwick ratio on the night in their losing effort. As I mentioned though, the Stars drilled them on the scoring chance ledger.

In these posts you will also find the scoring chance tally from each game. These are tallied by hand, spit through an Excel spreadsheet, and sorted to show who was on the ice for each scoring chance for and against. The scoring chances for the game are tallied according the the standards used here in the past. The area where chances are recorded is the area directly in front of the net extending to the top of the face off circles. The justification for why chances are tracked can be found here if you are so inclined. Essentially any shot directed towards the net from this area is a scoring chance.


The Scoring Area

The definitions for the cumulative table can be found in the blockquoted text below:

CF, CA, and CF% are Corsi For, Corsi Against, and Corsi For Percentage. The next statistics follow the same pattern. F is Fenwick, S is shots, and ESSC is even strength scoring chances.

The Stars generated 20 scoring chances in all man situations but only yielded 11 to the Coyotes. The Stars also outshot the Coyotes at even strength. The Coyotes Fenwick success was a good indicator that they were doing what they needed to do to be successful, but ultimately they didn't get enough pucks on net to make a difference.

Phoenix Coyotes
48.4 56 45 55.4% 40 35 55.3% 25 31 44.6% 11 20 35.5
Dallas Stars 48.4 45 56 44.6% 35 40 46.7% 31 25 55.4% 20 11 64.5

The Stars most dominant line tonight was surprisingly the trio of Antoine Roussel, Ryan Garbutt, and Vernon Fiddler. Fiddler and Roussel were each on the ice for only one chance against. Garbutt was on the ice for two. All three players were 80% scoring chance players against Phoenix.

D BRENDEN DILLON 19 22 46.3 9 5 64
D TREVOR DALEY 12 19 38.7 4 2 67
C SHAWN HORCOFF (A) 3 8 27.3 1 2 33
R ALEX CHIASSON 13 15 46.4 1 2 33
L RAY WHITNEY (A) 3 8 27.3 1 2 33
L JAMIE BENN (C) 13 15 46.4 4 4 50
C RYAN GARBUTT 16 22 42.1 6 2 80
C RICH PEVERLEY 10 13 43.5 1 1 50
C CODY EAKIN 11 17 39.3 1 2 33
L ANTOINE ROUSSEL 15 17 46.9 7 1 87.5
D JORDIE BENN 19 23 45.2 9 4 69.2
D AARON ROME 12 14 46.2 3 3 50
D ALEX GOLIGOSKI 14 20 41.2 3 1 75
L VERNON FIDDLER 16 19 45.7 8 1 88.9
R VALERI NICHUSHKIN 13 13 50 5 4 55.6
D SERGEI GONCHAR 11 14 44 2 3 40
L ERIK COLE 17 16 51.5 3 2 60
C TYLER SEGUIN 15 13 53.6 5 4 55.6

The Stars took care of business against a team with whom they are fighting for a playoff spot. Tomorrow night they take on the dominant former Pacific Division rival San Jose Sharks in one of their final games before we head into the Olympic freeze.

These numbers come from the official NHL gamesheets,, scoring chances I tracked, and with the help of spreadsheets created by Robert from Jewels From The Crown.

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