Dallas Stars Daily Links: Staying In the Playoff Race

Ronald Martinez

The Stars try to make it four wins in a row, the East is still the Least, and what has Don Cherry done now?

Once again, the Dallas Stars are staying entrenched in the race for the playoffs as we get closer to the trade deadline.

It seems like we go through this every year, doesn't it?

They currently sit two spots out of a playoff seed. Six points back with two games in hand, and needing to leapfrog Phoenix in the process. If you look at their remaining home schedule, they just might have one of the "easiest" ones in the league. I Dr. Evil'd it, because as we discovered this January, there's really no such thing as an easy win.

Still, I don't envy Jim Nill as we approach the trade deadline. It looks more and more like he will have the same tough choice that Joe Nieuwendyk had before him. Buy, or sell? This last round of games before the Olympic break can make all the difference on our perspective of where the Stars stand.

  • Speaking of next few games, would you like some previews of the one tonight? Well, here you go: [Stars Inside Edge] [Dallas Morning News]
  • Apparently, forcing the Eastern Conference's best team to use their time out early in the second (before hammering them 3-0) is a good thing. Maybe the Stars should do more of that. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • What is that website everyone was retweeting up until 6 games ago? "Did the stars power play score a goal.com?" The site owner can probably disable that webpage, at least for now. [Dallas Morning News]
  • Did you know that the Stars haven't been relevent for years? And that Alex Goligoski was the worst trade ever made? Tim Cowlishaw tells you all you need to know about what the win over the Penguins means for the Stars. [Dallas Morning News]
  • I'm upset I missed the outdoor game in LA. From everything I've read, it was a little over the top with its sand volleyball, but still a delight. [Puck Daddy]
  • Here's some highlights of the game, including some spectacular pictures. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Including its own special Jersey Fouls edition. [Puck Daddy]
  • Despite the headline "Stars Crush Leafs On The Ice And The Internet," this week's Grab Bag has another great edition of "What Has Don Cherry Gone And Done Now?" You know, for being a weekly column, Cherry never seems to have any stale items in this section. [Grantland]
  • Allan Muir argues that John Tortorella's suspension may turn Vancouver's season around. Remember when we thought the Stars might hire him as a head coach? Oh, what could have been. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Finally, I'm linking these power rankings from last week. They are outdated, and do not include the last three wins, where Dallas outscored their opponents 587-1. Which is exactly why I've included them. Allan Muir seems to nail the Stars' situation at that point -- and it's interesting reading it now that the Stars have won three. [Sports Illustrated]
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