Daily Links: Teemu Selanne Retiring?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Teemu Selanne retirement talk, Razor gives you some more mind vitamins, where the Stars prospects are ranked, and some big news on former Dallas Stars.

Teemu Selanne, who has a tendency to light up the Dallas Stars, is playing the yearly game of chicken with the Anaheim Ducks. The Finnish Flash is expected to make a decision by next week as to whether or not he will return for the 2013-2014 season. The expectation is that he will either return to Anaheim or retire.

Selanne is facing what all aging athletes face at some point or another -- what is their role going to be moving forward? Can he accept fewer minutes played per game? Is the body going to hold up for another 82-game grind? It sounds as though it is coming close to the end for the NHL legend. I'm expecting to see him back again this year, but this may be his last season (for real this time) in the NHL. So go do what you do Teemu and point up a lot of points against Dallas like you always do, and we'll all take the opportunity to grumble about you being a Stars killer for one more season.

Selanne isn't the only one that may be done after this season...


Jaromir Jagr's post on Facebook seems to indicate this will be his last season in the NHL also. But I think we may have heard that one before... [Pro Hockey Talk]

Former Dallas Star defenseman Sheldon Souray injured his wrist and will be out 4-6 months. That allowed the Anaheim Ducks to go out and get a replacement -- another former Dallas Star: Mark Fistric. [Puck Daddy]

Vernon Fiddler's role this season may be reduced due to the new acquisitions the team made this offseason. Mike Heika takes a look at this and more in his player profile series. [Dallas Morning News]

Mark Stepnepski has a good round up of all of the Dallas Stars' prospects rankings here. [Stars Inside Edge]

The NHL salary cap could go up to $80 million by 2017-2018 season. [Elliotte Friedman of CBC Sports]

Razor applies Oprah's touch to his own list of favorites. Spoiler alert: he isn't going to be giving out these things to Stars fans, so don't get your hopes up for a stocking full of Blue Bell and Shiner any time soon. [Razor With An Edge]

You can vote on what you think about the Dallas Stars' vanity license plate redesign here. Overall I'm kind of "meh" about it -- where's the green? [Texas DMV]

Battle of Cali has a pretty funny collection of the top five hockey tweets of the week from last week. [Battle of Cali]

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