2013 NHL Free Agency: Who Remains To Be Signed On The Second Day?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The second day of free agency is upon us, and it is possible we will see just as many head scratching contracts handed out as yesterday. Will the Dallas Stars get involved?

The Dallas Stars remained relatively quiet on the free agency side of things yesterday, having signed only Dan Ellis as the backup goaltender for the team.

While many fans might be disappointed in what was an extremely calm day compared to the fireworks displayed by Stars GM Jim Nill on July 4th, the should be relatively happy that the Stars did not over spend on a contract that will turn around and bite them three years down the road.

And there were plenty of those to be seen on the first day of free agency.

Among the big signings were Valtteri Filppula for 5 years and $25 million, Stephen Weiss for 5 years and $24.5 million, and Tyler Bozak for 5 years and $21 million.

Of course, the Bozak signing doesn't seem all that bad in retrospect, after reports surfaced that he was looking for an 8 year, $48 million dollar contract.

Regardless, these three centers were all players that Dallas was looking at before their blockbuster trade. We even speculated correctly on their going rates as well. However, with the acquisition of Seguin, Peverly, and Horcoff, the Stars no longer had to overpay for a couple of #2 centers, and can move on with their plans.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of names available on the market today. It could be another quiet day on the Dallas Stars front, as Jim Nill said he was happy with the roster currently in place. However, he also did not completely rule out an additional signing if the price is right, and the opportunity is there. The Stars currently have about $4.7 million in cap space to play with (not taking into account Nichushkin's yet-to-be-signed contract), so it is certainly possible.

Here's a list of free agents that remain, according to CapGeek.

Right Wings:

Left Wings:
Based on the list above and the current roster of the Stars, it's likely that they would only be looking for a top six winger, and then only if the price was right. More likely, the Stars will continue to be active in the trade market over the coming months, as teams who missed out on free agency opportunities try to fill in the gaps.

There are still areas where the Stars could improve on the roster (as there always is for any team), but it is also possible this could be the team that fans see hit the ice in October. If that's the case, it is still a vast improvement, at least on paper, over the team that was on the ice last season. We'll see what happens today, as well as in the coming months, before we have to worry about making that call though.

What do you think? Should the Stars try to go after someone like Brunner today? Or should they hold off and wait to make more trades?
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