Report: Lindy Ruff to be Next Head Coach of Dallas Stars? Not so fast.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are coming out of a luncheon in Fort Worth that Jim Lites is expecting Lindy Ruff to be named the head coach of the Dallas Stars.

Update: As we expected, this news is far from official.

We are still waiting for confirmation on our end as well, but it seems this could be the case of jumping the gun a bit in regards to statements made a bit off-the-cuff. It's more than likely this news is indeed true, but until it's official anything can happen.

I imagine the Stars feel hesitant about this situation after what happened with Alain Vigneault last week.

Original story as follows:

CEO and Vice President Jim Lites has reportedly announced that Lindy Ruff will be the new head coach of the Dallas Stars, according to report by Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Travis L. Brown. Until this news is made official, consider this to be speculation -- but coming from a fairly reliable source.

Lites was at a luncheon today for the FW Chamber at Colonial Country Club, where this was reported:

This news is far, far from official and we are still working to verify this report with our sources.

Update -- The Star-Telegram is running the report as breaking news:

The Dallas Stars are in the process of hiring Lindy Ruff as the team's next head coach, Stars' president Jim Lites said at a Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Thursday at the Colonial Country Club.

Lites said he shook Ruff's hand in Frisco as he walked to his car to head to Fort Worth, saying that barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Stars would sign Ruff.

What we do know is that Ruff was a favorite from the very beginning for the job behind Alain Vigneault and once Vigneault went to the New York Rangers, he jumped to the top of the list. Ruff was the long-time coach of the Buffalo Sabres and was fired mid-season this past year after another frustrating start with a team with higher expectations.

Ruff was certainly not the coach Stars fans wanted, but it appears he will be the coach the Dallas Stars will have. We'll have much more on this story as it develops but if it is true, then we will welcome Ruff to Dallas with open arms and hope for nothing but the best.

We also have one final thing to say:

"Good goal."

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