Post Season Thoughts

For the last five years I have experienced the same, sad post season experience of watching teams I don't truly care about battle and grind for the cup, all while having to put up with the jabs and snide comments about "How's your team doing this year? Oh, what's that? They didn't make it again? That's a shame." Bunch of tossers.

Having lived in central Pennsylvania, I get the best worst of both PA teams (Pens and Flyers). The east coast bias is unbearably thick in this portion of the country (as well as most places in this northeast corner of america). I count my blessings I don't live in Canada (not because it wouldn't be a great place to live, cause yea it would) because I can only imagine what Canadians think of this Dallas Team.

Oddly enough, this is the best I have felt about this team in quite a while.

First off, let me say a sincere thank you to Joe Nieuwendyk. I am certain I will continue to thank him for various things over the next several years, but one thing that I can add to his "win" column is this Jagr trade. As I write this, it is May 22, 2013 and the Boston Bruins just went up 3-0 to the NY Rangers. If Boston wins this series, Dallas has its conditional 2nd round pick turn into a 1st rounder (between 26-30 overall). Not too shabby!

To follow up with this, Newy really has done some great things for this organization. It is kind of sad he will not get as much credit for things as he should. Sure he had his bad moments and his head shaking decisions, but Dallas could have done worse than they did had it not been for GM Joe1.

Consider where we were. Year 1. Modano still playing, no owner, Turco still playing, Brad Richards in the last year of his deal. Scott Glennie is the last draft pick. Zubov goes awol. Not a lot of good things to speak of.

Good things he accomplished: Trade Ivan Vishnevsky for Kari Lehtonen. Establish Texas based farm team in Austin (can't be overstated). Let Turco and Modano go and play for other teams to end their playing careers, then let them come back to play parts with the organization. Draft safe, secure picks (more on this in a bit).

Then finally he trades Roy, Jagr and Morrow for good solid prospects and picks to further bolster the farm club. The fruit that blooms from these decisions will not be truly seen, nor appreciated till several years from now, but early returns are being noticed and should be passing along credit where credit is due.

Did he make bad decisions? Of course. The Neal-Niskanin for Goligoski debacle still looms over us, and the Ryder for Cole trade still has many of us shaking our head a little bit. Trading Ott and Ribs can go either way in my book.

Ott + Pardy --> Roy

Roy --> Connauton + 2nd Round Pick

So...Otter and the worthless bag of pucks Pardy (who is not playing in the NHL as of right now lolz) eventually get flipped into Kevin Connauton and a mid 2nd rounder (TBD). Should Connauton prove to have a certain level of prowess to his game that translates well into the NHL, this could be considered very savvy asset management on GM Joe1's part. Otter, I still miss you, but not your stupid penalties, but mostly I still miss you.

Assuming Boston wins one more game this playoffs (Go Bruins) the Jagr trade looks like this.

Jagr -> Lane MacDermid, Cody Payne, Late 1st round pick.

:-D even if Macdermid is no better than Dyvorak and even if Cody Payne is Kris Barch, the late 1st in this years draft is value enough, especially from what Boston is getting out of him this year.

So for those of you keeping score at home, Dallas has the 10th overall pick, a pick between 26-30 (pending a BOS win), the 40th overall pick, Vancouver's pick between 47-52ish (depending on the outcome of the San Jose vs. LA series), and the 68th overall pick in the third round.

Supposing Dallas does not make any more trades or tries to move up in the first round, this figures to be 5 really good solid players picked very near the top in this stocked full draft.

One final thought to leave on today.

Suppose Dallas does make a trade to try to move up in the first round. Who's pick is available? Carolina at 5? Edmonton at 7? Is moving up one to NJ or 2 to Buffalo's spot worth it?

Here is my mock.

1. COL - Seth Jones (D)

2. FLA - Nathan Mackinnon (C)

3. TBL - Aleksander Barkov (C)

4. NSH - Jonathan Drouin (LW)

5. CAR - Darnell Nurse (D)

6. CAL - Elias Lindholm (C)

7. EDM - Rasmus Ristolainen (D)

8. BUF - Sean Monahan (C)

9. NJD - Valeri Nichushkin (RW)

10. DAL - Hunter Shinkaruk (C/LW)

Have a good off season everyone, keep your sticks on the ice.

This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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