Dallas Stars Daily Links: Criticism and Praise Alike Continue to Roll in on Deadline Dealings

Jared Wickerham

Jagr scores... for Boston. Yahoo says the Stars were losers at the deadline, Robidas on playing out the string,and much more today in daily links...

The 2013 NHL Trade Deadline will have long lasting effects for the Dallas Stars, and the national pundits aren't done weighing in yet.

Nick Cotsonika over at Yahoo! Sports cast an eye upon every NHL team, proclaiming winners and losers. While ESPN was generally positive, as was Puck Daddy yesterday, Cotsonika puts the Stars firmly in the loser category, wondering as many have- Could Joe Nieuwendyk have gotten more value?

Look, after failing to make the playoffs and losing pending free agents for nothing in the past, the Stars had to do it. They had sell off Jagr, Brenden Morrow and Derek Roy, and they got a decent return - picks and prospects, including defensemen Joe Morrow and Kevin Connauton. But it's fair to wonder if GM Joe Nieuwendyk could have gotten more, and it's fair to say the Stars are still a mess. Morrow was slowing down and couldn't continue as captain. Fine. But when they added Jagr, Roy and Ray Whitney last summer, the idea was that they would sell tickets and compete for a playoff spot. The idea was that the experience would help youngsters like Jamie Benn. Well, the rink still has too many empty seats, and the Stars still are on the bubble, at best. The Stars need to decide whether to continue with coach Glen Gulutzan, if not Nieuwendyk, and what kind of team they are going to be. [Yahoo!]

At first glace the elicited response from yours-truly was a "Hey, no one punches my little brother but me" kind of sentiment - But it's hard to argue, particularly with the last part there.

On the other hand, there's no way to know that the experience didn't help Jamie Benn. And Jaromir Jagr certainly did put butts in the seats, and at a much higher rate than last season.

Those signings were not exercises in futility. From from it. The Stars have reaped the benefits in additional prospects and picks, and bounced back in attendance and relevance in a surprising way following a lockout many thought would obliterate the sport from the DFW landscape.

But he's right. They are a mess, even still. One wonders if the gloves are coming off regarding the Stars and the hockey media. The ownership mess is over. The lockout is passed. The Stars will likely miss the postseason for the fifth straight year. Questions are going to be asked.


  • There are times when you might watch a puck deflect off a skate, or watch a star player put a puck into a gaping net and say "Wow, good job. Big deal you are!" After having watched Jaromir Jagr closely for a couple of months in person I am not going to say anything of the sort about his goal in Boston last night. The guy is just magic, and evidently it's immediately transferable as he was now the Bruins' entire offense (1-0 shutout) as he was the Stars' on may nights. [SB Nation - with video]
  • Rick Gosselin says the Stars have more hope for the future than the Mavericks because they have a goaltender. Never mind the much deeper farm system, better draft picks, and an actual young-core to build around. I love the Mavericks, but they have none of those things. It's not even close. [DMN Chat]
  • Mark is calling his standings watch a "Playoff Race" watch and also a "Draft Lottery" one as well. One of those monickers will have to drop sooner or later barring something shocking and unexpected. Check it out. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • "Why possession matters: A visual guide to Fenwick" - This is a really cool post illustrating the predictive power of Fenwick close over the last six seasons, though the shortened season this year may yield odd results. [Habs Eyes On The Prize]
  • Hockey Prospectus looks at Dallas' two deadline deals. They like the Roy trade for Dallas, but like us, question the value on the Jagr return. Over all it's a pretty positive piece of writing for the Stars. [Hockey Prospectus]
  • Stephane Robidas: "There is a business side, and you simply can't worry about that," Robidas said. "All you can do is show up and listen, and do your best to help your team win. That's what I have done my whole life, and that's what I will continue to do." That's from a Heika column on playing for pride, which is all many Stars have left it would appear this season. [DMN]
  • Awesome graphical representation of how incredibly and utterly useless Eklund and HockeyInsiderr are when it comes to accuracy of their so-called rumors. [NJ.com]
  • Do you like violent collisions? [You're here, you do] Then this Lupul sandwich between Adam Hall and Jay Rosehill video is for you. [Kuklas]
  • Razor looks back on the 2006 draft following the lockout and remembers how Pittsburgh, Boston and Chicago were all terrible. Dallas isn't likely to have such a high quality pick this year, or the good fortune to do exactly the right things following it to rapid ascendancy, but it's a nice ray of sunshine on a week like this. [Razor With An Edge]
  • Todd at Pegasus News breaks down the Stars' deadline with his usual relentlessly sardonic prose and finds he rather likes what he sees for once. [Thursday Morning Cupcheck]
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