2013 NHL MOCK DRAFT- April 14th, 2013: Round 2

Here goes Round 2- I tend to avoid the shotgun approach in drafts, especially at the higher tier/rounds, therefore with teams having multiple selections in the first/second/third rounds I strive to have them have an all encompassing approach to solidify their prospect pool. Eg) The Flames took two scoring forwards and a goalie in the first round.

# Team Traded to Name R/L Position Year of Birth Country

  1. Florida Bigras, Christopher L LD 1995 Canada
  2. Colorado Lazar, Curtis R C/RW 1995 Canada
  3. Calgary Montreal Lehkonen, Artturi L RW/LW 1995 Finland
  4. Carolina Dickinson, Jason L C 1995 Canada
  5. Tampa Bay Comrie, Eric L G 1995 Canada
  6. Philadelphia Bailey, Justin R RW 1995 USA
  7. Nashville Montreal Theodore, Shea L LD 1995 Canada
  8. Buffalo McCarron, Michael R RW 1995 USA
  9. Edmonton McCoshen, Ian L LD 1995 USA
  10. New Jersey Petan, Nic L C 1995 Canada
  11. Winnipeg Arnesson, Linus L LD 1994 Sweden
  12. Phoenix Duclair, Anthony L LW 1995 Canada
  13. Columbus Bjorkstrand, Oliver L RW/LW 1995 Denmark
  14. Detroit Ikonen, Juuso R LW/RW 1995 Finland
  15. Dallas Compher, JT L LW 1995 USA
  16. NY Rangers San Jose Sorensen, Nick R RW 1994 Denmark
  17. Minnesota Dano, Marko L C 1994 Slovakia
  18. NY Islanders Anaheim Pesce, Brett R RD 1994 USA
  19. Ottawa St. Louis Wallmark, Lucas L RW/LW 1995 Sweden
  20. St. Louis Buffalo Lodge, Jimmy R C 1995 USA
  21. Washington Roy, Eric L LD 1994 Canada
  22. San Jose Cederholm, Anton L LW 1995 Sweden
  23. Toronto Hurley, Connor L C 1995 USA
  24. Los Angeles Heatherington, Dillon L LD 1995 Canada
  25. Vancouver Dallas Santini, Steven R RD 1995 USA
  26. Montreal Westlund, Wilhelm L LD 1995 Sweden
  27. Boston Rydberg, Viktor R C 1995 Sweden
  28. Anaheim Edmonton Aaltonen, Miro L C 1993 Finland
  29. Winnipeg Comp. Dauphin, Laurent L C/LW 1995 Canada
  30. Pittsburgh San Jose Poirier, Emile L LW 1994 Canada
  31. Chicago Winnipeg Jarry, Tristan L G 1995 Canada
Round 3 still to come. That will be the last round I do, its enough of a blind guess already, but since our Stars made so many moves in the third round I thought we should take a look. Again, tell me what you think. I'm up for debate.

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