Almost to the half way point.

I have been keeping a list of the games played so far and putting them into a couple of categories.

Of the Stars wins, I have described them as either "Good Solid Win", or "Lucky Win".

Of the losses, I have described them as either "Frustrating Loss", or "Hard Fighting Loss"

Game 1: Phoenix (4-3 Win)

Good Solid Win - Jagr breaks onto the scene (2g, 2a), Vrbata has a solid game too, but Dallas has an answer for everything the coyotes did.

Game 2: Minnesota (1-0 Loss)

Frustrating Loss - Harding gets a shut-out (feel good story, referencing his battle with MS), Parise gets the only goal, Dallas looks lost most of the game (setting up and putting pucks on net). Goligoski! Quit hitting the guy right in front of you when you shoot the puck from the point!

Game 3: Detroit (2-1 Win)

Good Solid Win - Ryder scores (2) goals and Kari is 4 seconds away from a shut-out. Darn you Damien Brunner! Also Dallas gets outshot 20-6 in the third period...but they didn't look abysmal doing it (only 1 penalty in the 3rd, and they killed it off). In Kari we trust.

Game 4: Chicago (4-3 OT Loss)

Hard Fighting Loss - If Dallas had found some way to win this game, it would have been the luckiest win of the season, bar none. To get a point out of a game when you are outshot 41-23 is incredible.

Game 5: St Louis (4-3 Loss)

Hard Fighting Loss - David Perron goes ballistic in the second period and Dallas couldn't quite get back to even with the blues after that. Slightly frustrating that they couldn't mount more of an attack at the end. Goligoski, I like how you are now hitting the goalie with your shots, but stop hitting him in the logo! Good Grief!

The end of "tempe sede vacante" -- Jamie Benn Returns!

Game 6: Columbus (2-1 Loss)

Frustrating Loss - Kari Lehtonen makes the save-of-the-year/career in this game, Jamie Benn comes back into the fold AND Dallas still can't do anything to pull out a win, or even a point. If that does not define frustration, it can't be defined then.

Game 7: Detroit (4-1 Loss)

Frustrating Loss - 2nd game of a back-to-back, and again Dallas can not find a way to keep up. The Stars look tired more-so than anything else.

Game 8: Phoenix (4-3 Win - Shootout)

Lucky Win - Dallas almost flubbed this game, but early goals from Dillon AND Rousell (I know!, talk about depth) built a fair lead. Late goal by Hansel stings still, but Benn and Jagr pull through in the penalty kicks. Had they lost, it would have been humiliating and most certainly frustrating. The coyotes out-shoot Dallas 34-24 and 6-3 in OT. Talk about hanging on.

Game 9: Phoenix (2-0 Loss)

Frustrating Loss - 2nd game of a back-to-back, Dallas gets out-shot 34-17. Any time you want to show up and start playing like an all-star Benn, you just go ahead and do it. I'd also bench Goligoski. He looks atrocious. I am running out of words to use to describe him, but not as quickly as I am running out of patience for him.

Game 10: Colorado (3-2 Win)

Good Solid Win - Milan Hejduk makes it to 1,000. Congrats to him. Also congrats to Jamie Benn for stealing the show. Well done sir. Thanks for showing up. Need more games like that from him.

Game 11: Edmonton (3-2 Win -Overtime)

Lucky Win - Fortunate for the injury situation (RNH not playing). Goligoski gets the press box and the Stars play a grand game. Roy scoring from the point on the powerplay is unorthodox, but also long overdue. And of course, Jagr will be Jagr. You don't need to salute me, I salute you sir.

Game 12: Anaheim (3-1 Win)

Good Solid Win - Dallas scores (2) in the first and seems to get under the skin of the Ducks. Any time you can shut down an offence like the ducks (who seem to be able to come back in any game) it is a good feeling.

Game 13: Edmonton (4-1 Win)

Lucky Win - Not too often do you describe a 4-1 win as lucky, but this one can't be described as anything but. Dillon plays H.O.R.S.E. and wins, Nystrom (I know!) gets a fluky one to careen in, and Garbutt (needs more Garbutt!) gets a hustle play to find its way through.

Game 14: Calgary (7-4 Loss)

Frustrating Loss - What did I just watch? Were there goalies in this game? Did Goose suit up in the pads? No...this is real...and really embarrassing. I sort of like that if you forget the first period...I am trying to...Dallas played the rest of the game pretty even.

Game 15: Vancouver (4-3 Win)

Lucky Win - Kari goes down (on his annual groin pull, right on schedule) and Bachman lets in 3 straight goals. Then a miracle occurred. Brenden Dillon is my hero officially. I may be purchasing another jersey here soon...

Game 16: Calgary (4-3 Loss)

Frustrating Loss - This is all I am going to say: "Dallas up by 2 going into the third..."

Game 17: Vancouver (4-3 Loss)

Hard Fighting Loss - Kind of expected this sort of game, and considering how we stole the game last time, I am surprised it was actually this close going down the stretch. At least they made it interesting for the canucks and didn't just roll over for them.

Game 18: San Jose (3-1 Win)

Good Solid Win - Jamie Benn with the Gordie Howe hat trick! Punch that man in the face! Team played well behind their soon to be captain (pending he keeps sending messages like this to the best players in the league)

Game 19: Nashville (5-4 Loss - Overtime)

Hard Fighting Loss - I was going to call this a frustrating loss, but Dallas did score 4 times in the second period and got it to overtime. But how do you score 4 times against the worst scoring team in the NHL and lose? apparently Roman Josi (2g, 2a). Heck of a time to have a career game. Too muck time given to d-men at the point, no wonder they are scoring buckets!

Game 20: Columbus (5-4 Win - Overtime)

Lucky Win - Here are the goals, in order: Morrow (almost, sort-of, kinda looks like but it isn't a kicking motion = goal). Roy (One hack at the puck stopped by the goalie, second hack stopped by the pad, third hack and running out of space to hack goes in...phew). Rousell (The shot from the point would have missed the net by 10 feet, and rousell somehow someway gets his stick and deflects it just about sideways into the net. Dillon teaching Rousell to play H.O.R.S.E.?). Eakin (The nightmare dribbler gets through the goalie and it. could. go. all. the. way!) Eriksson (The man will not be denied! Rumblin, Bumblin, Stumblin in front of the net and hook shots a slider past the goalie). You can call Eriksson's goal skillful, but the rest were more fairy dust than actual skill.

Game 21: Edmonton (5-1 Loss)

Frustrating Loss - Benn cross-checking the guy in the lower lumbar describes the game perfectly. Fluky goals lead to scramble mode Stars and that never ends well. Hopefully no suspension.

Game 22: St. Louis (4-1 Win)

Good Solid Win - Dallas plays a solid defensive game (for once) and get slightly fortunate that Brian Elliot is in goal. Goligoski has either stopped shooting, or I am now numb to him doing anything in the offensive zone. If he ever scores, I'll go ballistic.

As of 3/5/2013 Dallas has played 22 games, 11-9-2.

Good Solid Wins: 6

Lucky Wins: 5

Hard Fighting Losses: 4

Frustrating Losses: 7

Here are some of my observations so far:

1. Dallas has yet to post (2) back to back Good Solid Wins. In fact the closest they have ever come to a "good stretch" of hockey might be games 3-5, (1 win, 2 hard fought losses) or games 10-13 (2 good wins, 2 super lucky wins).

2. Dallas has only posted (2) back to back Frustrating Losses (games 6-7, back to back on the road). The only other time they have come close to this is games 14-16 (Ugly losses against Calgary twice, but a lucky win against Vancouver)

3. Dallas gets out-shot quite often, but not always in losses.

4. Things look to be trending up...most of the really bad losses (not including Edmonton) are 6+ games in the rearview mirror.

5. If Dallas is to make the playoffs this year, they will need to string together at couple of Good Solid Wins by the end of the year.

6. In Kari I Trust

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