NHL Trade Rumors: Derek Roy To Ottawa Senators? Chicago Blackhawks?


It seems everyone is talking about the Dallas Stars and their pending free agents leading up the trade deadline. We discuss the latest.

So, a quick roundup today but as always feel free to fire away with anything you've seen around the web.

* Derek Roy will be getting plenty of attention in the coming six days, and ESPN's Pierre LeBrun mentions that the Ottawa Senators have had talks with the Dallas Stars about a trade for Roy. He also mentions the Anaheim Ducks as a contending team that could use a good two-way center. I just don't see Ottawa as a legit option for a team needing a rental UFA center that will demand a high price tag in return. LeBrun agrees:

I wrote last week about Derek Roy (UFA in July) possibly being dealt by the Stars and mentioned how the Anaheim Ducks -- looking for a center -- had Roy on their radar. Another team I'm told that's held discussions with the Stars about Roy is the Ottawa Senators. Roy is an Ottawa native, so that's a natural angle there. But on the other hand, I do not think the Senators want to pay a big price in any deal they make before April 3; they still have the long-term view in mind.

I also don't know if the Stars will want to trade Roy to Anaheim. Who knows, though.

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal keeps ringing the Derek Roy to Chicago Blackhawks bell, although it doesn't sound like they'd give up what most are wanting in return:

If the Chicago Blackhawks are looking for another centre - and they are - could they take a shot on Dallas Stars rental Derek Roy? Don't see why not. They wouldn't give up a first-rounder for Roy in a deep draft, but a second-round pick and a prospect might do it. They've got lots of kids in the pipeline. I have to figure the Vancouver Canucks are sniffing around Roy, as well.

Here's what is interesting about the constant Vancouver Canucks connection -- there has yet to be any sign that the Canucks are even interested in making such an expensive trade, so now it's all pure conjecture.

There's also talk out there about Jagr's value on the trade market, but as we reported yesteday the Stars are working on a contract extension with him for next season. If he doesn't show any desire to stay, there's a good chance he's traded but as of now signs indicate he could be here for at least until the end of the season.

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