Advantages and Disadvantages of the Morrow trade + Poll

Hey, this is my first Fanpost for the Dallas Stars, been a fan for a long while and I love hockey more than baseball or football, which is a rarity here in Texas. But that's beside the point. I've been looking over the trade and I have a reason to believe it is about equal to both parties. I'll explain why:


1. Defensemen Prospects. With Joe Morrow, the Stars now have Oleksiak, Dillon, and Morrow. Dillion is a pretty big guy who just likes to bang bodies and defend. Oleksiak is like the finesse version of Chara and uses the same style Chara used at the beginning of his career, he'll learn to be able to hit as well. Morrow is, as described, a better skating version of Souray with the potential to become even greater than him. He is projected to be a Top 4 defenseman who can fit in with either Oleksiak or Dillon. Lots of versatility if his potential ends up working out in favor of the Stars.

2. Cap Room. The trade cuts off 4.1 million from the cap room. Even though it becomes moot because it was only a 1 year contract, we can afford to get a big time player or veteran in a trade an it not count much against the cap. Iginla is also on the trade board and there were Stars scouts at the Flames game yesterday, just to see where I'm heading with this.

3. Contract security. Modano wasn't offered an extension when he got older, either. Maybe B. Morrow was wanting to go to a place where he could go all the way. I mean, the Stars are good, a playoff team even, but Pittsburgh is just a bit better. He may have signed with a team like Pittsburgh in the offseason. For this, we get a prospect player in exchange for what would have been a trade-deadline rental. Not a bad deal.

4. Same scouting group that recommended Eakin also recommended J. Morrow if they could not get Eakin.

5. The value of trades for the rest of the league goes up, including veteran players. This was discussed in the Daily Links today. Dallas has Derek Roy and Jaromir Jagr ready to be on the trade board if this coming homestand is not good. And both could mean huge for 11th hour trades. 1st round in the upcoming draft huge.


1. He's a prospect. He's not an established player. This trade could be Nieuwendyk's make or break point and he's putting it on the line with a prospect. If the prospect does well, then Nieuwendyk gets points for making a good trade. If J. Morrow does not do well or is a bust, then the fans and Gaglardi would not take well to a GM who traded a fixture in Dallas who's been there since 1999 and provided leadership. Nieuy has already made some bad moves, along with the Goligoski/Neal trade in the back of plenty of Stars fans' minds. Not saying Goligoski's a bad player, Neal just turned into a freak of nature while he wasn't on the Stars.

2. The team doesn't get much younger. The average age goes from 28 to 27. Whee. 1 year.

So yeah, a lot goes into the trade. Some are saying it's a great trade, some are saying it's not a great trade and we could have gotten someone better. I added a poll for your thoughts on the trade.

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