My Reaction to the Brenden Morrow Trade

First: "Really? Wow!"

Then: "Aww, no more Morrow. My Captain, My captain. Salute."

Then: "Phew...did not get Tyler Kennedy. Thank. The. Lord."

Finally: "HEHEHE...sneaky good pick-up. Good job GM Joe. You can't win them all, but you certainly added a little credit to your resume on this trade."

We all know Brenden Morrow was not going to be resigned. He was (and still is beloved) in Dallas and will most certainly find his way back home whenever he hangs up the skates. All time great professionals Dallas has ever seen, both on and off the ice.

What makes this matter even better? He waived his NTC to move. Talk about gifting Dallas the best opportunity moving forward! He gets drafted by the Star, gives 110% every shift, every game, every season (including the last few injury riddled ones) and on top of all that allows Dallas to gain the most out of this.

THANK YOU BRENDEN MORROW. You will always be one of my top 10 Dallas Stars I have had the privilege and honor to watch.

Now...onto the other Morrow. Jo. Mo.

From Mike Heika:

"The other thing is the Stars do a great job with the WHL. They scout it well, and they watch it closely. Stars owner Tom Gaglardi owns the Kamloops Blazers, so he’s seen Morrow play with Portland dozens of times. Texas Stars coach Willie Desjardins was head coach in Medicine Hat, and coached against Morrow and Portland. There seems a lot lower chance of mistakes on these kids."

The WHL scouting staff (that found guys like Dillon, Fraser, Benn, Rousell, and counting).

The AHL coach (of the year) for the Texas Stars Willie Desjardins.

The Owner (the big man himself) Tom Gaglardi.

This is not Joe Nieuwendyk taking a chance on a kid that was a late first round pick with question marks to his game. This is a total management decision. Owner, AHL Coach, WHL Scouts, AND General Manager. All separately and independently have seen him play and gave consent for this trade. Talk about management having your back.

Now...the kid does have question marks.

From an earlier DBD article: “Concerns: Defensive development. The Pens used phrases like “rebuild his defensive game” and made Morrow a healthy scratch this year, at times, in the AHL. He’s got to learn how to refine his technique defensively at the professional level against the big, strong forwards that play in the pros."

To be completely honest...can you name me many offensive D-men prospects who DON'T struggle their first couple of years playing defense? Defensemen tend to fall into several categories. The shut-down d-man, the offensive puck moving, quick skating d-man and defensemen that skate well and are not liabilities wither way, but don't have much offensive or defensive flair.

This trade signifies a chance for a kid in Morrow to build an identity for himself. This trade signifies a surge in confidence in an already stocked prospect pool down in Austin. This trade...lets me believe in GM Joe and his decisions. With owner in place and a direction established...winning seasons are coming.

What I have also noticed is when GM Joe makes decisions...he rarely makes them alone and he (most of the time) makes several decisions to address several areas.

For example: Last off-season (2) trades were made.

1. Ribiero => Eakin, 3rd rounder

2. Ott + Pardy => Roy

The Ribiero trade occured first and everyone panicked. "Who is gonna play center?" "We lost so much value here." On and on and on. Then the second trade occurs and (poof) all those questions flutter away. What was left was more shock and sadness for the loss of Ott and Ribs. Understandable...but also understandable that they were both moved. Ribs and Roy are pretty similar type players (all things considered). They make plays, they play center, they hold the puck in the offensive zone, they play power play and heavy minutes at the top of the line-up. Not the same player by any stretch of the imagination...but similar. Eakin and Ott are also pretty similar (all things considered). Both fill third line roles better than second line roles, both can play even, PP and PK and both add extra elements to a team to make scoring depth a factor for our opponents. Again...similar but not the same. No one is gonna mistake Ginger Eakin for Otter. lost value certainly. The only other elements to this trade were draft picks and a guy who got cut by Buffalo. hehe forward to this season

1. Ryder, 3rd rounder => Cole

2. B. Morrow, 3th rounder => J. Morrow, 5th Rounder

On the same line of thought Morrow and Cole are similar players. Cole may have more on-ice upside, but leadership and giving 110% every shift...Morrow takes the cake. What's left in the trades? (2) 3rd rounders for J. Morrow and a 5th rounder? MONEY! I make that trade every day of the year.

Naturally....Dallas is not done making trades. Roy will probably get shipped. Robidas might get shipped (I doubt it...and I personally hope not, good mentor for Dillon and co.) Jagr might....but I doubt it even more than Robidas. Nystrom might....but that is basically a so what. Don't get me wrong, great locker room guy and I love saying his name every time he scores a goal, but he isn't going to get much value back.

Should be quite interesting to see what comes across. Don't be surprised if Dallas becomes both a seller and a buyer. Dallas has some momentum right now...and depending on what occurs against Minnesota in the next (2) games could see an interesting player come back in return.

It feels good to be a Stars fan again.


This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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