Potential Rivalries Post Realignment - Poll Included!

So the Stars website had a poll asking their fans who they thought would be the Stars biggest rivals post realignment. I thought that this would be a good thing to talk about in regards to us seeming to gear for the future. I thought I would break down how I see the new division instead and include the same poll here to see what DBD readers thought of our potential rivalries.

I think it is rather funny to me that most on that particular poll on viewed the Blackhawks as our biggest rivals (at the time I checked they had it at 40% with Avs in second at 16.8%). If anything the 1-8 ***kicking that the Stars took earlier on in the month should be an indication that you cannot be a rival with a team that you do not compare to.

I also do not think we can match well against the Predators after getting crushed 0-4 less than a week before that previously mentioned Blackhawks game. They have an elite goalie and strong defensive corps already in place along with some scorers (their top was even missing for that 0-4 game). They are solidly in place to potentially make the playoffs for a few years to come.

If anything I think we compare closest to the Avalanche since they are young and retooling at this point in time as well. They were able to beat us on their home ice and we beat them on ours. Both teams are very inconsistent and do not always go out and put up the best play even through a single game. (Not sure if you noticed but the Avs played well for parts of the first and most of the third in the game that we won 5-2 the other night).

I suppose if we can bury the Wild both times this homestand I may have a slight change of opinion (I also can see the whole we "stole" the Stars from Minnesota being a factor here). This may have been more of a rivalry if it had not been 20+ years since we took their franchise. Also the Wild look very strong during this short season, and with all of their offseason moves appear to have moved up quite a bit as far as power rankings/straight stats are concerned when compared to our boys.

We can beat down the Blues (9.1%) when they are injured and playing a backup goalie, but I do not think we match up well against them at full strength. The Blues are a strong, physical team that when they are on can shut down almost any opponent and force them to play a boring, plodding game that seems to just drags on with nothing exciting going on and the Blues win by usual scores of 2-1 or 3-2. This can work to get you to the playoffs, but lots of freaky plays seem to happen in the playoffs so they are not a Cup favorite or anything.

As far as the Jets (2.7% on Stars home page poll) are concerned... I do not remember the last time we played them (not counting the Phoenix team that once was the Jets, but is now Phoenix and now there is a second Jets team that exists but has nothing to do with the original team).

In conclusion, I'm of the opinion that the Stars vs Avs games could become our greatest rivalry in the new set up not to mention they are the closest to us as well so travelling might not be as hard. Both teams seem to have gaping missing pieces that cause them to not function as well as many of our new divisional rivals.

This is all just my personal opinion and a change of pace from the trade discussions going on all over this page. I'm going to attach the poll here as I want to see what others on this page consider a valid rivalry champ.

This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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