Changes on the Way for the Dallas Stars

How soon can we expect changes?

After being up 2-0 and then 3-2 in last night’s game against Colorado Avalanche, and eventually falling to a decision of 4-3, how soon can the Stars Fans expect to see changes?

Very soon.

The Stars are currently sitting on quite a few trade assets, though question on who or how many to move are constantly being asked. Prospects Stransky, Ritchie, Shore are still playing in their minor leagues right now, and they make up part of a solid pool of prospects that would be tempting for any team. Jagr, Morrow, and Nystrom comprise a group of veteran players nearing their Unrestricted Free Agent status this summer—and should be shipped out to teams looking for their presence on the lower lines (save for Jagr, that man still has it). And then there is Derek Roy, another Unrestricted Free Agent this summer whose trade value continues to increase. Similar to the Brad Richards ordeal two seasons ago, Roy wants to go to a contender and he wants to get paid for doing it, being quoted by Mike Heika as saying, "I don’t have a Stanley Cup under my belt, and that’s something I really want. That’s all I’m really thinking about right now." That is not something the Dallas Stars can offer him in the visible future. The return on the veterans could amount to little more than picks, though the ideal trade would include a defenseman for one of them.

Coaching changes are bound to arrive just as well, if the team is unable to turn it around. Losing in the fashion that the Dallas Stars did on Wednesday night is highly representative of their last few seasons. Consistent Inconsistency. That is a coaching flaw, unable to get your guys to perform on a nightly basis and in some semblance of style. There aren’t as many options available for the Stars as there was a few years ago with a highly touted Assistant Coach looking for a promotion—Kirk Muller, and down-and-outs coaches like Bruce Boudreau and Darryl Sutter. There’s no guarantee they would have come to Dallas, but they are having undeniably better seasons than our current lead. There are options available to the Stars, specifically in their own system. Willie Desjardins has been succeeding with a devastated roster—most of his top players moving into the NHL.

I predict we see both happen, and soon. It’s a long held position when an owner states, "…I think it is important to measure what we’ve got and we need a good period of time to do that. I don’t think there is anything to be gained by doing anything like that…" it is a strong indicator that a coaching change is in the wind. And with the Stars looking at other teams make headway in the standings; you can expect them to become sellers before the April 3rd trade deadline.



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