Still Optimistic....Post (2)

As some of you may recall, I created a fan-post a few days ago indicating the remaining schedule requirements for the Dallas Stars and my acceptance of unwavering support for this team.

the link can be found here, but I will also reference it here in this post also.

To review: I claimed the Stars needed to "survive" the 4-game home-stand. I claimed they needed 4-5 points out of the 8 possible. They got (3). So...not a great start, but not impossible to come back from either. How big does beating Calgary look right now?

4 games: Goal = Survive (4,5 pts. out of 8) Result: Fail (3)

all at home; (Nashville, Anaheim, Chicago, Calgary)

On my earlier post I lumped the next (9) games together. As I continue to look at the schedule...I think I am gonna break it down even further. I claimed the stars needed to get 12-13 points out of the (18) possible.

next 6 games: Goal = Gain as many as possible ( 8-9 pts. out of 12) (66% - 75%)

Dallas plays Colorado, LA Kings and Minnesota each (2) times over the next week and a half. This will be an excellent test to see what this team is really like (and just in time for the trade deadline) Colorado is on a big ol' losing streak (good for us), Minnesota doesn't score a ton very often and LA we have already beaten once (in their own building no less).

next 3 games: Goal = Win this three game series (4 pts out of 6) (66%)

Dallas plays Anaheim (3) times, (2) times in Anaheim. The trade deadline occurs just before game (2) in this series. Lots of moving pieces and decisions from all the clubs in the league may have an affect on this series. IF Dallas is still trudging along and looking to sneak into the playoffs, the Stars need to either win (2) games or lose the right way in order to get points. Dallas has gotten (3) points out of Anaheim already this year, so the fact they are leading our division and are arguably the 3rd hottest team in the league (behind Chicago and Pittsburgh) shouldn't be an automatic knee-jerk loss.

Final 11 games: Goal = Just Keep Swimming ( 14-15 pts. out of 22) (64% - 69%)

Bigger bunch here, but Dallas finishes the season with San Jose (3 times), LA Kings (2 times), Vancouver (1 time) and everyone in the central division one time each. Could be quite interesting, especially considering how close all those teams will be next season.

I may end up splitting up the last group too, but I'll think about that when we get closer to the end.

So...where does this point % leave Dallas?

As of 3/20/2013, Dallas has 29 points. The cut-off line is still projected at 55. If Dallas can win the number of points I have listed above...they will be in the top 8.

Let us see what Santa brings us at the Trade Deadline.

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