Strange waters ahead for this team

Please take note...I am still attempting to be optimistic (about this season and this team).

Well, considering the best team in the league just snowman'd us, I am convinced no matter what else comes this season, I will stick through this, through thick and thin. I started watching the Chicago game and I continued to watch the game. Through the (3) goal first period, through the "Go Hawks" chant that erupted midway through the second and continued through the remainder of the game and through the goalie change.

I am not upset over this team falling completely on their face. I fully expected this team to come out of the gate on Chicago and play them physical. Which they did, for exactly 10 minutes. Then their captain scored twice and the game was basically over from that point forward. I was upset that the team got run over as bad as they did and I was upset that they, once again, the forwards were not coming back to backcheck and help out the D-men that were clearly overwhelmed and not helping the goalies who played as well as can be expected.

I was upset...but I am not anymore. Because I continue to be optimistic and I continue to see this season as a much needed step.

First a question. When was the last time Dallas had a top 5 pick?

We all know Faksa was 13th, Oleksiak was 14th Campbell was 11th and Glennie was 8th overall.

Glennie (poor Glennie) was the highest draft pick since Richard Jackman in 1996 5th overall. The highest ever for Dallas was (of course) Mike Modano 1st overall in 1988.

Why go through that little bit of history? Two important reasons.

First, I firmly believe this will be the first season in a long while that the team will finally "Rebuild", not simply "Retool". Dallas, I believe, will be sellers at the trade deadline, and in a very very deep draft year, you can't ask for a better time to Rebuild. One can argue Dallas has been attempting to rebuild around the "core" for a couple of years, assuming Eriksson, Benn, Daley, Goligoski and Lehtonen are the major (5) core pieces. One can continue to argue that the additions of Dillon, Oleksiak, Smith, and Eakin this year have been very complimentary to this core.

Second, just because Dallas is sinking in the standings now doesn't mean we will get a stud player in the draft. Richard Jackman played exactly 38 games for Dallas before being shipped off to Boston.

Of course, for every Jackman, there is a Modano. For every Glennie, an Oleksiak.

I want to see Dallas active at the deadline. I want to see draft picks come back. I want to see at least one more "Cody Eakin" bundled in a package for someone. This will be one of the most important times in GM Joe's young GM career and telling on what kind of direction the team will head toward. And this style of thought has given me the most unbridled enthusiasm this year, so far.

Finally, my assumption and my hypothesis of this trade deadline is approximately (6) players are leaving the Dallas organization. Morrow, Roy, Jagr, Daley, Robidas and either Nilstorp or Bachman.


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