Ralph & Razor

A week ago, there was a fan post about "Displaced Stars Fans". After reading through all of them and seeing where and how people watch the games, I thought I would write a quick "Thank You" to Ralph and Razor.

Hopefully this will be taken as fairly credible since I have a programmed radio stations my entire adult life. (Dallas, Austin, NYC, St. Louis, SLC and others)

As a displaced Stars fan myself, and having to be at the mercy of Center Ice for the last 15 years or so. I can't tell you how disappointing it is when I go to set the DVR for that night's Stars game and don't have the option of picking the home or away feed, and have to hope and pray that I don't get the opposing teams feed. Tonight specifically, having to listen to the Nashville announcers is just torture. They could be the two worst in the league. But that's not the point of this article.

I / We as Dallas Stars fans have been spoiled by our AMAZING announcers, Ralph and Razor. These guys really are two of the Best if not "THE" Best in all of hockey (in my opinion). The national guys that we see on NBC, the NHL channel, and NBC Sports are just fine and it's obvious they have their favorites, but on a game by game basis, Ralph and Razor not only give great play by play, but give an honest and mostly unbiased look at each team and player in the league. It's so hard to watch other teams feeds when all they do is tell you how great their team is while not looking at the whole league objectively. (Hello, Red Wings). Let's face it, after the last 4 disappointing seasons, the last thing we want to hear is two blow-hards telling us that our team is the greatest (like many announcers do), Ralph & Razor are very good at putting things into proper perspective. Plus, giving great details on things that us as fans may or may not know. They don't try to sugarcoat when our team isn't playing well. They give us the "Real Deal"(bad James Neal reference) Yes, they are paid to be as "optimistic as possible" but reality is so much better to listen to than painting the world through the proverbial "rose colored glasses". No our team hasn't been the greatest in the past 4 years, but our announcers have.

Listening to the Razor-isms over the years has just been fantastic. Ralph calls a great game and Razor makes it just that much more enjoyable by adding a "Mast-o-donic Save" or a "Larceny" at the appropriate time. Plus adding music references like "Metallica, Pantera, and A Tribe Called Quest, etc. is kinda fun and just makes the games more enjoyable to watch.

I have to admit, even though we haven't been in the playoffs for a few years, it nice hearing Razors voice during some of the Western Conference games. During the lockout, when the NHL was replaying the entire 2012 playoffs. it was somewhat comforting to hear Razor's voice during those games. (Man Crush?...maybe)

To be honest, I'm quite surprised that Razor hasn't been picked up by the nation guys to play a larger role than he has. He's that good! Who knows, maybe he has and we just aren't aware that he may have turned them down. (but hardly doubt he would if the offer came about)

Either way, I wouldn't ever replace them with the likes of Emrick, Pang, McGuire, Olczyk and the bunch...(maybe Katherine Tappen, even though she's just a host on the NHL channel, she's WAY better took look at than either Ralph or Razor....thanks for shaving that silly 3 Musketeers mustache...hehe)

Bottom Line...We should be happy to have two of the best. Thanks again Ralph & Razor


This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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