Western Conference Stock Market

I was wandering around the other SBNation hockey blogs and found this interesting post:

Western Conference Stock Exchange

In it, the author basically tries to rank the various teams' chances of making it to the playoffs. You are presumed to have $1500 to spend among the teams. Each team must be worth at least $5. I also think he didn't take into account the Divisional Leaders being automatic qualifiers in doing his prices, or assumed that he was also ranking overall position.

Here's my completely off the cuff evaluation:

Chicago Blackhawks: $200 - It's incredibly unlikely they don't make the playoffs. Like match fixing levels of unlikely.

Vancouver Canucks : $200 - As much as Chicago is a better team, the Nuck's location in the Northwest Division makes them an automatic playoff spot this year.

Anaheim Ducks : $175 - The Ducks have a steady lead on the rest of the Pacific Division. Even if they were overtaken, it would probably keep them in the top 8.

St. Louis Blues : $130 - They have a slight edge on the field, and I think they'll retain it.

Nashville Predators : $120 - I think their more stratified Division will keep them closer to the running than the others.

Detroit Red Wings: $105 - There are a couple teams on the bubble right now, and I'm going to lean towards their system for no good reason.

Dallas Stars: $100 - We're tied with 3 other teams with points. I'm positive, but our defense is looking like they're in a lot of pain.

San Jose Sharks: $100 - They had a great start, then a terrible slide. Things have to turn around for them at least somewhat.

Phoenix Coyotes: $100 - They have Mike Smith back, and a devastatingly good coaching system.

Los Angeles Kings: $90 - They've had a terrible start, but I feel like their twitter account will keep them in the running if nothing else.

Minnesota Wild: $80 - Little chance of catching Vancouver here, but they might be able to nip in to 8th if things went really well.

Edmonton Oilers: $50 - You never know when young talent will make a breakout, but it seems like not enough yet.

Calgary Flames: $35 - They seem to be best at beating Dallas, but that won't get them to the playoffs alone.

Colorado Avalanche: $10 - Without Ryan O'Reilly, I don't see them standing a chance.

Columbus Blue Jackets: $5 - I don't see them making the playoffs this year. I do think they will be a surprise contender in 3 years or so.

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