Dallas Stars practice - getting autographs

I haven't finished going through all my photos from practice yet, so I will do a separate post about my observations of the practice itself and photos from practice.

After practice, I waited for the players to come out so that I could get autographs. I ended up getting 11 autographs total on two different jerseys.

The first jersey is my Jamie Benn All-Star jersey, which I got autographed by Jamie.


The rest of the autographs I got on my team autograph jersey - or one of my jerseys anyway (I have two which have multiple autographs). This particular jersey has autographs from almost the entire team from January 2010 (missing - Morrow, Modano, Lehtinen and Ribeiro, all of whom are on my other jersey from October 2008). Here is an image of the front of the jersey with autographs -


In the next image, I divide the jersey into zones so it is easier to identify the autographs in some semblance of order.


Here is the list of autographs in each zone, along with the year each was obtained, although that will mostly be obvious, as the 10 new autographs are from people who were NOT with the team in 2010. Jamie, Loui, Robi and Trevor are all on this jersey, but all signed the jersey back in 2010. In fact, those four are the only four players who originally signed this jersey who are still playing with the team as of this week. An additional three people - Andy Moog, Stu Barnes (both of whom were coaches back in 2010) and Marty Turco - are still with the team, but not as players. Tom Wandell just got sent down to the Texas Stars, joining Toby Peterson down there. Brendan Morrow, who was with the team then and now, did not sign this particular jersey. Everyone else who signed the jersey back in 2010 is no longer with the team.

1. (left to right) Steve Ott (2010), Jamie Benn (2010), Matt Niskanen (2010), Marty Turco (2010), Loui Eriksson (2010), Brad Richards (2010), Eric Nystrom (2013)

2. (top to bottom) Brian Sutherby (2010), Alex Auld (2010), Andy Moog (2010)

3. (clockwise from top left) James Neal (2010), Trevor Daley (2010), Krys Barch (2010), Jordie Benn (2013), Tom Wandell (2010), Karlis Skrastins (2010)

4. (clockwise from top left) Stephane Robidas (2010), Ray Sawada (2010), Jeff Woywitka (2010), Alex Goligoski (2013), Brenden Dillon (2013), Glen Gulutzan (2013), Jaromir Jagr (2013), Toby Peterson (2010), Fabian Brunnstrom (2010)

5. (clockwise from top) Cody Eakin (2013), Christopher Nilstorp (2013), Aaron Rome (2013), Ryan Garbutt (2013), Warren Peters (2010), Niklas Grossman (2010), Stu Barnes (2010), Mark Fistric (2010)

And here are the closeups of the new autographs -

Eric Nystrom, Cody Eakin and Christopher Nilstorp


Jordie Benn


Jaromir Jagr (this is the one autograph that I was determined to get, even if I did not get any others - it's not every day you get an autograph from a legend)


Glen Gulutzan (not the first coach to sign this jersey, as Stu Barnes and Andy Moog both signed in 2010 when they were coaches)


Ryan Garbutt, Alex Goligoski and Brenden Dillon


Aaron Rome


Robi came out with Dillon (Dillon is living with the Robidas family, I've heard), but since he had already signed the jersey in 2010, I didn't need him to sign again. He almost looked relieved when I told him that I already had his autograph on the jersey and he didn't need to sign (not that it meant he could leave any faster, since he had to wait for Dillon, lol).

Jamie Benn has a new car, so new that he doesn't have the regular license plates for it (in other words, less than a month old - I wonder what he did when he signed his new contract). I didn't catch the make/model, but it was a nice-looking, high-end sedan of some kind (not a sports car - the red Ferrari in the parking lot was not his, lol).

Matt Fraser and Reilly Smith snuck out the front door (we had been told by one of the security guys that the guys would be exiting through the back door near where most of them were parked), so I didn't get to ask them for autographs. We did see Matt driving off in a big, white pickup truck.

When I handed Jamie the All-Star jersey to sign, I had asked him if he would sign my jersey. He said, "No, I'm not going to sign." (obviously tongue in cheek from his tone, especially since he already had the jersey in hand and was taking the pen). I took on a mock scolding tone and replied, "Now, Jamie, why won't you sign?". He just laughed.

Jaromir Jagr didn't really say anything outside of agreeing to sign autographs for the few of us (about half a dozen people) that were there. He wasn't rude, but he wasn't interested in chatting either. I don't have a problem with that - rude would have been just walking by us and ignoring us. He even took a picture with one fan when asked. I had thought about asking for a picture, but at the time, was happy to get just the autograph. Based on the story one of the other people told about getting an autograph from Jagr when he first arrived in Dallas, I wonder if Jagr might have a problem with people coming to multiple practices, getting him to sign a bunch of stuff then putting it up for sale on eBay. I can understand if he's concerned about that at this point in his career - a lot of other celebrities have similar concerns.

Cody came out with his lunch in his hands and was trying to juggle holding on to his food with one hand while signing.

Someone mentioned the game winning goal in Vancouver to Dillon and asked him if he'd been given a beer after the game. He replied, "Oh, I was taken care of that night." It was obvious from his tone that he is still just as giddy about that goal as he was when he scored it.

I hope that sometime tomorrow, I will have finished going through my photos from practice itself and be able to write up my observations in another FanPost.

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