Dallas Stars Daily Links: Boston Bruins And Pittsburgh Penguins Both Earn Suspensions In "Hockey Game"

Alex Trautwig

While Stars fans got to enjoy their game on Saturday, most of the rest of the NHL only cringed, as the high profile game looked more like a WWE cage match.

If only the Dallas Stars could have been the only game of the night, much like they were when they faced off against the Chicago Blackhawks.  After a 5-1 drumming of the Flyers, another hat trick (on free hat night, no less) from Tyler Seguin, and a 4-point showcase from Valeri Nichushkin, Stars fans had a pretty good afternoon of hockey watching.

And then the Bruins/Penguins game started.

This has always been a heated rivalry, but things certainly spiraled out of control as the game wore on.  It looks like there are going to be multiple injuries and suspensions out of it, too.  After all, Shawn Thorton slew-footed Brooks Orpik in an almost Bertuzzi-like attack [Puck Daddy], former Dallas Star James Neal decided to ram his knee into Brad Marchand's head [Puck Daddy], and Chris Kelly now has a broken fibula from what might be one of the most deliberate slashes ever seen [Puck Daddy].

The NHL has hearing set for both Neal and Thorton, though Neal's is only over the phone.  I'm still puzzling over this, considering Neal has a fairly decent history with suspensions, while Ryan Garbutt received an in-person hearing and 5 games for his first ever suspension. [NHLNHL]

The NHL Wheel Of Justice continues to perplex me.  Oh well, on to better things...

Mike Heika has his observations on Saturday's game, viewing the comparisons between the Dallas Stars and the Icemageddon. Of course, only one of those is here to stay thank goodness. [Stars Blog]

Heika also has a few notes on Fiddler's Injury, Goligoski's play, and Dan Ellis' win.  You can find them herehere, and here.

Valeri Nichushkin has been on a roll lately.  Not only did Brad have details about Nichushkin yesterday, but Mark Stepneski wrote about him as well.  With a four point game, he can certainly be expecting an even bigger spotlight for the rest of this season.  [Dallas Stars]

And for your long read of the day, we have the NHL Grab Bag, which returns after taking a week off.  As always, I absolutely love the 1st star of comedy for the week.  It's not often you see a player fall like that. [Grantland]

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